Occupy Oakland Raided

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Around 2:00 a.m., word spread that riot police were massing in around the area where Occupy Oakland has been for more than two weeks. Hundreds of people gathered and began to make non-violent barricades at all the entrances to the plaza.

At about 4:30 a.m., riot police appeared on all corners of the encampment. There were roughly 500 to 700 riot police in total.

The entire plaza was completely barricaded on all sides, with palates, trash cans, chairs, a gigantic Christmas wreath, police barricades from a neighboring street

Occupiers began chanting ‘go home’ as they always do when police show up at Occupy Oakland, but it quickly became clear that there was an overwhelming number of police from at least four different jurisdictions.

As people continued to chant and fell back within the barricade, off of the street, the police announced that we would be arrested within the encampment. They said [they'd use force to disperse demonstrators within] five minutes, and within a minute they fired the first rounds of flash-bang grenades and rubber bullets, and then tear gas into the camp, hitting and injuring multiple people.

At this point much of the crowd began to flee through an area the police had opened up to flush the crowd out. All those who remained were arrested.

We know of roughly 70 arrests and multiple injuries, none of them extremely serious, but many for sure.

At this time people are still standing up to the police line. The camp looks like a tornado went through it. Everything is destroyed, and it is currently occupied by hundreds of police.

We’re asking for public condemnations of police repression of the occupy movement in Oakland and we’re also saying that people should reconverge at 14th and Madison at the public library for an emergency demonstration at 4pm today (Tuesday).


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  • http://profiles.google.com/breakfastinbeard .. .__.

    THEY can’t win if WE DON’T GIVE UP.

  • Riot

    Come to NYC

  • Jake Krahn

    What the fuck is wrong with people.. that they can see this… and not get involved.

  • Happyliberal

    Strange things going down in California….

    San Diego Occupy Protesters are requesting backup, fearing a similar incident coming up shortly…
    Occupy San Diego Surrounded-Emergency Call to Action #occupymarines

    And in San Jose, they are stealing batteries from wheelchairs…
    San Jose Police Sink to New Low, Confiscate Occupy Protester’s Wheelchair Battery

    SFPD is doing the same in San Francisco
    They are demanding all lead batteries be removed from the Occupy camp because it poses a “hazardous waste risk”. The real reasons are harrassment and cutting into Occupy’s ability to communicate/broadcast.

  • Novopovo

    These cops are cowards. how can they fire rubbers bullets and tear gas ordinary citizens who are fed up with being used by the rich? They need to think for themselves before their jobs end up replaced by private corporate polive forces.

    • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

      Because *you do not have the right to take over public property.*

      • Rod

        That’s why it called *a protest*. It’s called petitioning the government for a redress of grievances. Americans *have no rights*. That’s the problem. *Hello!*

        • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

          First of all, you are totally being melodramatic. Americans do have rights or you wouldn’t even be posting here on this website talking about revolution. Second, an *occupation* (the words of your own movement) is a hostile takeover of land. It is NOT the same thing as free speech nor is it just a “protest.” Third, other Americans do not want you using *our* public land for your permanent base of operations. Buy some land or rent a building if you want a permanent base. You do not have the right to take everyone’s land for your own purposes.

          • Finglos

            But taking land for our own purposes IS the American way…

          • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

            Two wrongs don’t make a right. And you honestly think you are going to get mainstream Americans on your side like this? Have you even bothered to read center-right websites? People *hate* you for what you are doing with these camps. You are hurting your cause with all this melodrama.

          • Desperate4Change

            You are correct two wrongs don’t make a right, however, I’d question your definition of right & wrong here. Whether all Americans agree, like or dislike what others do does not make it wrong. Those who don’t like are viewing it as “outside their norm”. We all are guaranteed the right to protest, say what we want, make the choices we want, etc. As long as there is not mal-intent against others. This movement is not harming you or anyone who disagrees with it, so while your opinion differs from others, please respect their right to do so. The police are wrong here. They cannot violate someone’s rights like this, & I am speaking as a police officer. The response actions to this protest are wrong. If the protests are peaceful, the response must be peaceful. Beyond all of that, this goes much further than the right or the left. This is about change in this country. The right & the left are not true to their roots anymore. They do not work for the people anymore. This country has transformed from a democracy, into a plutocracy/oligarchy. No matter your beliefs, it is time for a change.

          • Scottymac54

            It’s none of your business anyway.

            Now, go back to your miserable existence as a crash test dummy.

            You’re one of the most idiotic excuses for a troll and a patriotard I’ve ever witnessed.

            You are worthless to this nation.

            I wish you had never been born.

          • Anonymous

            So, the cops just took back the land for their own purposes, so what the cops did was just the American way…thanks for clearing that up.

  • Matt Critelli

    Protesters set up a peaceful demonstration and the police turn it into a war zone.

  • Francesco

    this is fascism , bankers should be arrested ! NEVER GIVE up !



    • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

      Actually, I’d imagine many Americans are saying the exact opposite: EVERYONE! CALLING ALL AMERICANS! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE AND STOP THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT FROM TRYING TO TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY! Seriously…you think average Americans are going to put up with you guys creating camps everywhere? Naive, at best.

      • continuum

        Unfortunately for you, there’s not too much your “average Americans” can do about this.

        I don’t happen to think they are naive AT ALL.

      • Virgil Owen

        beyond partisan> Your name says it all. You have been brainwashed by the party of no. I feel sorry for you. I do not hate you. You are my brother and there fore I have to love you and respect your right to be wrong. This country began with the revolutionary war. More lives were lost in that war than any war in the history of this county. At some point you too will wake up and see that you have been had. I worked hard. I bought a house and worked hard to pay for it. In 2008 the banks took us all to the cleaners. We saved their corporations and a year later they were back to the same behavior that got us into this mess to begin with. They have bought and payed for enough politicians to get richer off of your labor and mine. WAKE UP

      • Routeeleven

        Get your head out of the ground. Speak for yourself, not others.

  • Laurensierra

    Unbelievable. The United States of America.

  • Avid News Reader

    There have been many instances of violence at Occupy Oakland. they couldn’t keep their house in order. They couldn’t follow the rules. One person told a reporter “We kill white bitches like you.” down at Occupy Oakland. It was getting out of hand. A few bad apples rot the whole thing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000548945032 Ghan Buri Ghan

      Sometimes you just have to kill some white bitches.

      • Sistaloc

        Your comment is offensive,and I am not white.

  • Callistazm

    fucking outrageous

    • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

      Yes it is – it’s outrageous that people are trying to take over public land for a revolution in America.

      • Me


        • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

          Excuse me…I thought Occupy Wall Street was for the 99%? Well, that includes me. So…being one of the 99% am I not allowed to express my dissent at your method of protest?

          • Me

            You are totally allowed to watch the comments on a website whose views you disagree with like a hawk and rail against almost every comment posted. Yes.

            In fact, you are allowed to park yourself on this website and voice your opinion as long as you like without fear of official reprisal.
            Nice, eh?

          • Listservlibrary

            You think that Sam Adams was busy getting permits when he was protesting the British Government. This country was founded by rabble rousers and it looks like they are awakening once again against tyranny.

          • Anonymous

            yeah right…let’s see, how many times has capitalism and the US Constitution been overthrown in the last 224 years…..ummmm…try ZERO!

            Dems can’t even beat GOPers in NY 9 and a district in NV that Obama won, yet we’re on the verge of a “revolution” in America. Seriously, grow the fuck up.

          • Gfuyy

            I appreciate your common sense approach, beyond partisan. But I disagree with using this system to try to modify this system. All corruption needs to be rooted out and removed before any real change or progress can take place. I understand that corruption will be a part of any system but that doesn’t mean it should be tolerated.

          • Sistaloc

            What would your preferred method be ?

      • Frankly Speaking

        I’m glad people are taking over public land and finally gaining a real voice. These are bright folks who realize they’ve lost a voice in how their futures unfold.

        In truth, they would not be doing it if something weren’t terribly wrong with a system that used to work well for the common person.

        Unfortunately it’s folks like yourself– railing about the very people who are brave enough to fight for your rights– and you don’t even see it. You are out tweeting hateful messages that don’t help anyone.

        History is full of these events. Things get out of balance and groups of intrepid folks assemble and bring it back into line. You can rail about smell, you can rant about messes and noise, but your fastidious judgments do not help protect your basic constitutional rights– and if you believe you still have those– then you need to wake up quick.

  • Elizabeth Romero

    Rubber bullets? People die from rubber bullets. They don’t bounce off — they pierce skin and organs.

  • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

    I 100% support the police on this. You do not have the right under the guise of “free speech” to hijack public land for the purposes of creating your alternative society. You have been disturbing the peace, destroying public property, allowing rapes in your camps, and creating a public nuisance. The police should have removed you long ago.

    By the way, I might have supported your movement had you stuck to moderate, reasonable issues like campaign finance reform. I cannot support a movement that is so obviously designed to create riots and violence and is apparently trying to overthrow our government.

    If you want to have your own land to “occupy,” then pool your money, get donations, and buy some land or rent a building. I will support your right to do that. But you do NOT have a right to take over public parks for your “revolution.”

    • kateb-r

      in boston i got to hear noam chomsky speak, which was amazing, i live in philly and the occupy movement we have here is beautiful; free classes, lectures, workshops, donated food, a lot of good work from Food Not Bombs (an organization that re-distributes food that would otherwise go to waste) sustaining people, including the homeless of which philadelphia has many, general assemblies every night which is a system of participatory democracy where everyone is able to speak their mind about the given topic of discussion in an organized forum.

      lots of movements in history have been pitted by the media as having created riots. if there were some people who acted aggressively, it’s not espoused by any nonviolent movement, and occupy wall street, philadelphia, can’t speak for oakland because i haven’t been there are nonviolent.

      • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

        You should read my comment about general assemblies in the top article. How do they truly support democracy? They are about peer pressure and public scrutiny of votes. It is not more democratic than a private ballot. It’s mob democracy, not a democracy that supports the voices of all. And why are those assemblies being set up anyway? To replace our current system? Maybe some of us don’t want that. But the only way we have a voice with you is to take off from our jobs and travel to a hostile group that doesn’t want to hear our opposition. Some “democracy.”

        Furthermore, if you want to set up a place for free workshops and food, be my guest. Don’t take over public property to do it. BTW, I have a friend in the area who says Occupy Philly has turned into a shanty town, and he’s a liberal.

        • continuum

          “I have a friend in the area who says Occupy Philly has turned into a shanty town…”

          Then don’t go there.

          If you don’t like what you see, don’t look.

          • Anonymous

            Unfortunately, we can still hear and smell you….

          • RussD

            so what, arrest them because you dont like what you see. do you have any idea what america stands for? no body give a crap what you think. never have and never will. this country was established through violence and war to be a sanctuary for people to do what ever they want. true freedom. not some politically correct, barrack hussein, pay for justice, communist paradise.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1463509463 Matthew Daniel Watkins

          It is more democratic than a private ballot bc over 50% of the united states registered voters DO NOT VOTE. The elected officials in office are elected by a majority of the people who do vote, usually by less than 30% of the country. Winner takes all is not a representational government, just look at the numbers to see.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000548945032 Ghan Buri Ghan

      Begging the government for campaign finance reform is more “reasonable” than rioting and overthrowing the government, how?

      • Sistaloc

        The OWS can surely change how they view the Gov. by voting in the next election.
        This is where the power rest.Get an agenda and work it until then they(OWS) are wasting their time !!!

        • Patriot99

          You really think that our votes count for anything?

    • Ed Shoemaker

      “I am a moderate. I am tired of the race baiting. People have a right to dissent!”*
      - Yup. I agree with you there.

      “You have been disturbing the peace, destroying public property, allowing rapes in your camps, and creating a public nuisance.”

      “Disturbing the peace”
      - There’s a difference between expressing dissent and disturbing the peace – and when you have large gatherings of people, they’re going to make an impact on the area around them. Especially when it’s a protest.

      “Destroying public property”
      - Again; large protest. But, if you can find evidence supporting a trend of the destruction of public property, be my guest. Vandalism and defacing, sure that’ll happen, too. Thing is, I’ve been at the protests, and I walk through them on my way to and from work on a daily basis. It’s pretty much the same, except more people.

      “Allowing rapes in your camps”
      - Really? Would you like to prevent some evidence of how anyone (aside from the rapist) has ALLOWED rapes to happen? And, would you care to back up your evidence of these rapes (plural)?

      “I might have supported your movement had you stuck to moderate, reasonable issues like campaign finance reform.”
      - So, if we were pansy-footing around the real issues at hand and attack symptoms of the problem rather than the problem itself, you’d be hip with the kiddos on the block?

      It sounds like you’re just being misinformed (please, please, give up on Glenn Beck because I’m tired of constantly having to deconstruct his pathetic ‘arguments’ that his hatchlings reverse-vomit from his beak then spew all over the place with no regard for dignity, logic, or basic sanitation practices), and you let your passion whisk you away to a skewed reality where News Corporation™©®Ω and it’s subsidiaries doesn’t lie out their asses.

      * Taken from Beyond Partisan’s twitter feed: http://twitter.com/#!/beyondpartisan/status/3419913013

    • Dave Smith

      Take over public land? It’s public, ergo already belongs to the public.

      Land ‘ownership’ is really a set of agreements between the people and the government. A legal fiction that we all agree to adhere to as long as it’s beneficial.

      When the system that that agreement is part of is no longer beneficial to the people, then the people can revoke their consent to this arrangement.

      In this case you se people occupying public land to voice their concerns with a system that has gone completely off the rails and is over-regulated (in favour of the rich).

      I understand that it must create a strong emotional reaction in people who believe strongly that they will be safe as long as everyone follows the rules. Maybe you are one of those people?

      But really this ‘conventional morality’ view point is that of a child. Everyone knows that rules and laws are supposed to have a social benefit, and like I said above are just an arrangement between the people and their government.

      As situations change, rules and laws have to change. There is no safety in merely following the rules, that is intellectual cowardice and abdication of your social responsibility.

    • Anonymous

      Hello, bp. Wow, you seem to have dropped in from an alternate universe. A place where the occupiers attack the hapless and helpless police. Welcome to the real word! Stick around, you may learn something.

      Try reading “What is Property” by Proudhon.

    • Crgaillee

      Then as someone who needs further education perhaps you should read the declaration of occupation. Ill bet a lot of what you’ve been whinning and griping about is on that list. You seem to want all the benefits without working on what it takes to achieve them. perhaps you should be silent.

    • RussD

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      • Ferd_Berfle

        to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
        Note the term “government”. Wall Street is not a government entity, so the very name “Occupy Wall Street” indicates nothing more than squatting. Go protest in front of the White House or Congress where you’ll find the real problems this country faces.

        • Hopeforpeacenow

          One MUST address Wall Street THROUGH government as they are the power over Wall STreet.

          Along with all the people boycotting, you think Wall Street will change on their own? No way, they have to be MADE TO CHANGE!

    • Hopeforpeacenow

      I’m sorry, you are 100% WRONG..

      “‘Congress shall make no law respecting …. the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      1st Amendment

      Though many on the right would like to see that right removed for all but them, the rest if us are not that gullible.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1463509463 Matthew Daniel Watkins

      Your so right, disturbing the peace, destroying public property, allowing rapes in your camps, wearing disguises, fighting police and creating a public nuisance is anti american and will change nothing. Never in the history of the united states has any group used these tactics and won. EXCEPT FOR THE BOSTON TEA PARTY. But you do NOT have a right to take over public parks for your “revolution.” TELL THAT TO ADAM SMITH YOU TORY. SUPPORT YOUR CONSTITUTION AND NOT YOUR GOVERNMENT.

  • Happyliberal

    Oakland Marchers at it again with thousands on the streets, police ordering to disperse, live feeds suddenly down…


  • http://twitter.com/Lavesjoe Joseph Davidian

    Wow!! I can’t believe that they used rubber bullets??? That is just wrong!!!

    • dbcsez

      I can believe OPD used rubber bullets, just as they did at when activists demonstrated at the harbor, trying to block weapons from being loaded on ships to Iraq. When using rubber bullets, you’re supposed to shoot downward so the bullets bounce off the pavement, not directly at people as the Oakland cops did. It appears to be department policy.

      Do we have consensus that this treatment of unarmed protesters in the Land of the Free is pretty fucked up?

  • Happyliberal

    Protesters marching again tonight…police attacking unprovoked

    Disturbing Video – Police fire tear gas at #OccupyOakland protesters

    Video of teargassing in Oakland Occupy rally a short time ago from ABC – good quality

  • Happyliberal

    Police are continuing their assault tonight (why was my last comment with video removed?)

    journalists thrown to the ground
    RT : police officer badge number 570 just threw a journalist to the ground ! #occupyOakland

    woman in wheel chair gassed

    live feed

  • Happyliberal

    The city of Oakland wants you to tell them how they’re doing

    Courtesy of #OccupyBoston

    Police Administration Building
    455 7th Street
    Oakland, CA 94607
    phone: (510) 238-3455

    Eastmont Substation
    2651 73rd Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94601 (at the Eastmont Town Center)
    phone: (510) 777-8500


    • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

      Great, I’ll be sure to thank the police for their service, and so will many others.

      • guest

        I’m not really sure what the point of you being on here is. If you had the desire to intelligibly discuss your dissent I’m sure we would all gladly welcome the conversation. But it seems to me you’re just trying to be an annoyance.

        • Joannajohnson71

          ….and to think this is probably our tax dollars at work, homeland security employee ‘protecting the homeland’.

          Ending this BIG GOVERNMENT HOMELAND SECURITY entirely new department created by Bush to launder money to Nazis…should be a demand of OWS.

          Conservatives hate Big Gov, so to Liberals….so why the hell are we paying all this money to allow these assholes to violate our constitution, and hire other assholes to clutter the internet with pentagon propaganda.

          And by the way, wiretapping is still illegal. You cannot make it legal retroactively as we still have a constitution that protects us from this sort of thing. OWS needs to demand an end to the patriot act and illegal wiretapping.

          They really fucked up our country, a lot to fix I know. It is not our fault we have so many issues, they have been at work destroying our country for quite a few years.

  • Melvin Furd
  • Guest

    If your going to report, report ACCURATELY. I was there. There were NOT 500 to 700 police in riot gear this morning – not even close. Maybe a 100, though I’m probably over-estimating. Stories like these, where fabrications are portrayed as “facts” really deflate the power of this movement.

    • Anonymous

      The Mercury News reported “hundreds” of police in one accounting. “At least 200″ in another.

  • http://twitter.com/LittleBiggyGirl LittleBiggyGirl

    what’s the single most difference between Occupy Oakland and OWS?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dixie8484 Brandy Hoskins

    What a disgrace. The peaceful citizens they broke loose on are the same ones who pay their wages and that they are sworn to protect. What an embarrassment.

  • Justindignant

    Flashback: Blackwater Xe is Training our Police Force

  • alessandro capece

    On “Russia Today” there’s a very interesting video about the struggle between the protesters and the police in Oakland.
    It’s easy to realize that the american civil war has started.

    • Joanna

      What civil war? There is no divide in America, we are united against the 1%. The protectors of the 1% are a tiny percentage, and they are dwindling fast.

      They want us to think there will be a civil war, but the 1% are the only ones going down.

      • http://twitter.com/Kishin_D Jonathan S

        This is our war for hearts and minds, and we need no guns or bombs. The natural freedom of human beings IS our sword. Nonviolence is our shield. Consensual decision-making through General Assembly is our purpose.

  • Anon

    Those police are scared they will lose control like they did when the LA Riots happened. If they keep this shit up they definitely will and it will be much much worse!!!

    • http://twitter.com/grimwomyn grimwomyn

      yeah, and nationwide

  • Justindignant

    Oakland Police Critically Injure Iraq War Vet During Occupy March

    Police Censor The Media As They Unleash Devastating Force On Occupy Oakland

  • Pingback: Police State: Oakland Looks More Like Pearl Roundabout Than Tahrir Square – OpEd | ANOINTED BLOG

  • The Objective 0.00001%

    It seems that the police were justified in breaking up the group of people as they were no longer peacefully assembling. By stealing police barricades and using other things that weren’t bolted down, they were illegally occupying. I think that it is horrible people got hurt, but the police needed to disperse the crowd, as it was becoming unruly and leading to theft.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

      Rosa Parks illegally sat in the front of the bus.
      The protesters were peaceful in Oakland except for one person throwing a tear gas canister back away from the crowd. Simply being in a park after hours is not an act of violence, nor are the other forms of Civil Disobedience used by the #occupation.

  • Robertasimone


    New (more) political parties need to be established in order to effect change…the movement needs to start to focus on finding candidates to support….then they need to get the candidates elected at the local, state and federal levels…this will take time and require due diligence…this will be the only way change will come about..

    Amed law enforcement officials attacking unarmed, non-violent demonstrators is a true act of cowardice…


  • FullTmeDad

    You don’t represent me.
    I am the 53%
    I pay my taxes. I continue to help pay down our debt. I perservere because that is what hardworking people do.
    Life is hard. Lower your shoulder and keep going!

    “Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

      And yet you have less money for more productivity than you would have 3 decades ago. The middle class has stagnated, and with the “housing crisis” lost much of its former worth while the richest 0.01% of Americans have gotten even richer since the collapse.

  • Lubtar

    As sure as night follows day, there will be trials for so-called law enforcement officers (actually nothing more than hired thugs of Wall Street, which contibutes millions of dollars to their various funds). When Wall Street says “Jump!” they ask “How high?” If u know anything about the French Revolution and the American Revolution in the 18th century, u can see how these movements come together and grow into an unstoppable force. At this time, if I were known as one of the abusers of the Occupy Movement, I would be arranging my escape before the trials begin and the gallows are installed.

  • Anonymous

    Occupied WSJ, your contact link is not working at the top of page.

    I think you should include/add Matt Taibbis’s piece in Rolling Stone from the other day as a story. Good piece.

    “Wall Street Isn’t Winning – It’s Cheating ”


  • kkiidd

    I guess this article was put up before word got widespread concerning Iraqi War veteran Scott Olsen, formerly of the Marines. “…multiple injuries, none of them extremely serious,” is not quite up to par, seeing as Olsen is now in critical condition in an Oakland intensive care unit. Olsen was struck in the head by a rubber bullet from an officer’s weapon, which cracked his skull. While he was on the ground, surrounded by friends and comrades coming to his aid, another police officer lobbed a canister of tear gas into this crowd which exploded directly next to Olsen’s wounded head. Olsen was rushed to the hospital and placed into a medically-induced coma due to incessant swelling of the brain. Reports claim that he woke up roughly 16 hours ago, and is lucid, but still is at risk of his brain swelling to lethal levels. The police commissioner of Oakland has allegedly been suspended indefinitely for this trespass. The fact that Olsen was a marine instantly places his particular case on a symbolic pedestal. Here is a man who has already laid his life on the line and braved terrible hardships in the name of his country, only to come home and find the battle was here the whole time, and it is a battle where obviously there is a possibility of anyone’s life being taken. We, as a country, are fortunate that the climate of this movement has not yet reached the violence of Tahrir Square and the Arab Spring. However, the fact that this happened to Mr. Olsen opens the avenue in many people’s minds as to whether or not this reality is looming on the horizon. Take away the fact that he was a marine, and you have a young man. Even further, take that away and you simply have a HUMAN BEING put into a near-death experience for the “crime” of peacefully assembling with his fellow Americans to try and institute positive change in the world for EVERYBODY. This kind of brutality CANNOT and WILL NOT be tolerated by the people of this movement, and the people of the world for that matter. I was proud to be present at Occupy Nashville last night where we had a moment of silence for Scott Olsen before the authorities came and took our comrades to the cell buses. It took over 100 officers to make 29 arrests of people calmly sitting in a circle, arms bound together, singing in solidarity the songs of freedom and movements since past. The court commissioner was on the side of the Occupation, saying “they had broken no laws,” in direct criticism of the state troopers responsible for the arrests. The Occupants were released immediately, though some face court dates in the near future. Okay, I will get off this electronic soap box, I just felt that was a detail that needed to be clarified about this article.

  • Guest

    Its about time the NY protesters/vagrants are kicked out. You guys are annoying, dirty, and started this movement because you are upset that you are poor and are looking for a handout. Seriously, I hear Cuba is welcoming Americans who wish to resettle.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/42THFKXIPMJHQBIH6OPI4RVIDY Thebes

      We started this movement because the richest elite have purchased our government for their further financial gain. I would suggest you research for yourself what your preferred pundits have fed you.

      • Ferd_Berfle

        You might your own advice.

  • Anonymous

    please watch this congressional hearing on the FED and distribute this video around. This is the scariest video I have seen and I worked on Wall Street for over 23 years. http://dailybail.com/home/ther
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  • Lizi X.P.

    My God, I can’t believe such a response of violence to a peaceful movement. Ideas may be strong, but protestors stay within their bounds – the police should respect that. Also, they might try to recognize that they too are a part of the 99%.

    • Sistaloc

      Their responses are the actions of those who do not realize, that they too are the 99%

  • http://twitter.com/froztyone2011 Samuel Froztberg

    I can’t believe what’s going on in Oakland! The mayor is totally trying to have it both ways, and is putting city employees, including OPD, in a weird bind! It’s getting unreal. I am definitely going to take part in Bank Transfer Day on Saturday, since I can’t make it to any of the Occupy sites. I’m tired of the 1% treating the rest of us like sub-humans. learnmore.asmarterchoice.org has some info about credit unions, as well as some spot-on impressions of just what the 1% thinks of us.

  • Amanda

    When will the cops finally clear out these disgusting low-lifes? I am so sick of this Occupy Shit.

  • http://twitter.com/froztyone2011 Samuel Froztberg

    With all the bad conduct by banks, credit unions are a much better option for keeping your money out of the hands of the banksters. Why give your money to someone who doesn’t respect you or your financial health? See what I’m talking about at learnmore.asmarterchoice.org. There’s info about making the switch, too.

    • Sistaloc

      And what about boycotting the businesses that are puting their money in our politics ? We must do more than OCCUPY ! : Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Soft n,Gentle toilet paper, Brawny paper towels, Dixie plates, bowls, napkins,& cups, Mardi Gras napkins, Sparkle napkins, Vanity Fair napkins, Zee napkins. There are many alternatives out there. Hit them in their pockets .Then they will be willing to listen. Put this in the General Assembly.!!!!!

  • Sistaloc

    I am as upset as the OWS are.But I have lived in this world 70 years ( through the Civil RTS area)
    and as admirable as it is they, must choose a leader, and a definite agenda in order to garner RESPECT. I am sorry to say that, until then they will be viewed as a people out of control. Please give me something CONCRETE to support please…..

  • Blahblah

    I don’t even understand 100% what this whole “occupy” stuff is about… i asked my mom, but she doesn’t know either, i was reading the Wall Street Journal for a school project, and i read an article about the Occupy L.A. one… and after school every day, in the car, we pass by the Occupy Boston one…
    — 8th grade girl in search of answers
    well anyways, off to homework again (urgh)

  • Blahblah

    heres what i think:
    get off your butts and get back home (do you people have children? dont they have to go to school? what about your jobs?) there are different ways of fixing the economy than protesting! seriously… im in 8th grade and i know this… why not just ask for more jobs? its your own fault of you dont have enough saved money, or if you are influenced to buy more and more, cause even if they advertise all this stuff, heres where decision making comes to mind: hmmm, i dont need this! thats such an easy answer! and hey, my dad’s probably gonna get fired soon, my mom doesnt have a job, and yet, im not protesting! how can i? i have to go to school (the most prestigious in the country mind you!—> which i got into w/ hard work and learning and studying, and ya know what, i have a interview w/ harvard cause my school has an agreement w/ harvard that every student who graduates from our school gets an interview w/ harvard… i have a 110% average in math, and, so what that we cant buy as much fancy food as before, so what that i dont have extra money to buy random stuff after school w/ my friends, so what i dont buy clothes 24/7, i stopped growing, why do i need more clothes anyways, and its not like we’re super poor… i mean, really, theres ways of dealing with this stuff, and if you dont like the way this recession is, theres plenty you can do, like, how about, hmm, idk, starting your own businesses? having more jobs for stuff! not sitting around crying about how “bad” your lives are! boo hoo… and really? i mean really? why not focus on stopping global warming ( a subject that i personally feel grately about) heres an idea: stop drinking bottled water, use metal! poland springs freakin steals water from towns w/o paying for it! and dont get me started on how bad the plasticy stuff that leaks into the water and causes cancer! all that CO2! why not try and get rid of it, or focus on one thing that really bothers you! im sorry, but i just, i rant, okay!

  • Nono

    Barack Obama you are not president you are murderer and criminal and thief
    you are killing – usa – young men and innocents people just for stealing money and oil from arabic countries shame on you

  • Nono

    Barack Obama you are not president you are murderer and criminal and thief
    you are killing – usa – young men and innocents people just for stealing money and oil from arabic countries shame on you

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