What is Occupy Wall Street All About?

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  • Anonymous

    Nice video! Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Here are some charts about top marginal income tax rates and income inequality:


  • Nono

    Barack Obama you are not president you are murderer and criminal and thief
    you are killing – usa – young men and innocents people just for stealing money and oil from arabic countries shame on you

  • Nono

    Barack Obama you are not president you are murderer and criminal and thief
    you are killing – usa – young men and innocents people just for stealing money and oil from arabic countries shame on you

  • Jdbutsch

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  • Arranca98

    great video! I liked that it was direct and to the point!

  • Jameijer

    I received documentations of the criticaster of the Occupy movement. I agree the idea of protest against the kapitalistic liberal conservative economic system of America. My country Holland (Government) support the American administration. In my opinion there have to be an revolution in de US to change the economic, fianancial and military systeem of the aggresion US in the world. The US had the political, economic and military power in a world who want to liberate the US ‘occupying’ of the western and the whole world. Unfortunately the US cannot be occupied bij the VN. Therefor is a world democratic fedrative government necassary. The US government have to be judged bij the international law in my country. So I support your occupy movement. It is neccassery to organise the occupymovement into a political and peacemovement who critisize the Us and her western alliance countries. Also Israel has to be occupie because of their underpressure political and military system in Palestina, which supported bu the US and other wesrtern countries. It’s a shame. Also the US taxsystem is redicolous and their is a lot of violence wapons by civilians. The conservatieves republicans and the orthodox chrtians are in my view responsible for the the a-social situation in the world and in the Us itself. I hope and pray God (if he/its insists that their will be change and make the responsible US leaders conscious of the world situation. I think that a peaceful revolution will be succesful if the organisation will be professional. Thank you and God bless the poor perople in the world and esspecial the 3th world in Adrica, Asia. With friendly regards co meijer founder of the sustanable political party in Holland and author of the book ‘Belive in a sustanable world ISBN. (see for details Googl; Geloof in een duurzame Wereld Co Meijer. You can offer the book by Bol.com.

  • Anonymous

    My feeling about OWS is that we are raising consciousness. Sadly, most Americans don’t yet understand how much the system is rigged against them, that they don’t have to be just scraping by, that the hard-to-believe riches at the top could be shared to everyone’s benefit. It might take a week more or a decade to raise the consciousness of Americans. We have made enormous progress in just 16 weeks. When we have raised consciousness in the general population, change will be easy. And it may well be sweeping.

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  • PatG

    I ♥ ♥ ♥ ! your video!!!
    I will be tweeting it out to my homeys…