Letter From the Oakland Commune

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Photo: Solidarity

**This is not an official letter from Occupy Oakland. This is from your sleepless comrades helping with the anti-repression committee.**


Comrades near and far,

First off, thank you so much from the bottom of our rebellious hearts for the solidarity actions that took place in your cities across the country. You cannot believe what those actions meant for the morale of the Oakland Commune after the attack from the notorious Oakland police. We love you like we love liberation and we also have your back.

As you have heard or seen reported in international news now, Occupy Oakland experienced extreme police repression from several different agencies yesterday after thousands of Oakland residents attempted to take over an empty building to build a social center. The majority of the arrests, however, took place later in the night on a march when protesters were kettled. The Oakland Commune was teargased, shot by bean bag and rubber bullets, and many people were severely beaten.

Our situation is the following: we have hundreds of people who have been arrested and kept in three different sites. Today we had 350 people in Santa Rita jail, with others in Glen Dyer and in North County. We do not know exactly how many have been arrested but it is possibly up to 400.

There is also an immense range of charges and some arrestees have multiple charges. We also have many cases of comrades in jail who have been injured by the police, including head injuries, and others who have vulnerabilities of concern such as medical conditions or trans gender status. Some people have already been released but many others are held on bail until their arraignment. Some people can hold tight and others simply cannot.

Occupy Oakland has very little money to handle this situation. We need to bond people out and also make sure people get the medical attention they deserve and need. Please donate to our bail fund here.

Also, you can call our glorious district attorney’s office: Nancy O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney: (510) 272-6222

If you have friends who have been arrested, you can find them on this inmate locator. If you do not see their names it is because they have not yet been processed, as there are so many people.

Solidarity forever! Never give up! Long live the Oakland Commune! Freedom begins when fear ends!

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