Occupy Reply to Mayor Quan: Go Screw Yourself

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On January 30, in an act of supreme arrogance, you, Mayor Quan (!), declared that you would “call” on the “national leadership” (!) of the Occupy movement to help you split (!) our movement.

You want Occupy nationally to denounce people within Occupy Oakland who you describe as the ones advocating violence. In short, unable to break our movement in the streets and ports, you now want us split, divided and turning against ourselves.

What hypocrisy!

You who unleashed wave after wave of police terror on Occupy Oakland?

You who sent the police who shot anti-war Iraq veteran Scott Olsen in the face with a tear gas canister and nearly killed him?

You who presided over the police department that murdered Oscar Grant in cold blood?

You want to preach to us about violence?

You now demand we denounce those you targeted?

You want us to help you demonize those who dare challenge you?

What cartoonish world of double-think are you from?!

You even went on to claim that “what they are doing against the city economically is not nonviolent either.”


And what about the economic violence you were part of? What about disruption and suffering imposed on students though relentless budget cuts and austerity measures?

What about the gentrification of Oakland, and the police violence that enforces it?

We see you very clearly. You serve the machinery of money-making: the 1%, the banks, the developers, the co-opters. It was your thugs who attacked Occupy Oakland on Saturday.

So our message to you now is: Get real.

Your attempts to divide us from the people of Oakland will not work. Our movement is diverse ethnically, politically and tactically. We are united in purpose. Every one of your attacks brings us, the 99%, closer together.

Your arrogance continued: “Every Saturday they are doing demonstrations and in my city that is my night of highest police need. They are taking away resources from my city…”

Your city?! Your night?! No, Mayor Quan, Oakland doesn’t belong to you or the 1%.

Oakland, its streets, its parks, its ports, its future will belong to the people. The society we’re modeling shows how beautiful it can be when we are free, including free of the violent hacks (like you) from this empire’s Democratic Party.

Love to the people and defiance to you,

Eric Ribellarsi


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  • Alan

    Very good

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  • Hope Jones

    Actually Oscar Grant was killed by a BART police officer more than a year before Jean Quan was mayor, so she wasn’t mayor and it’s not the Oakland Mayor’s jurisdiction.

    • Gene

      The reference was to the department, not to the timeframe. She failed to push for PD reforms when it became her responsibility to do so.

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  • Craig Watts

    Regardless of what the mayor wants, those among Occupy who are using violence -even property destruction- should be denounced. To do otherwise will be more damaging than any division within Occupy that you envision. All acts of violence are gifts to the Right that they joyfully receive. With every act of destruction, police are given permission to attack even more forcefully and their violence will be viewed by the public as justified. To get the sympathy of the broader public, violence must be endured and not engaged in. Only by making sure all the violence is one-sided will the systemic violence become apparent to those who are only now beginning to see. An arrogant and obstinate refusal to condemn the destructive behavior from among those who are associating with Occupy will undermine the future influence of the movement. Give no sanction to violence within Occupy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1581708940 Joe Greenlee

    I say arrest Mayor Quan and the entire police force of Oakland. They are traitors to this nation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Val-Hall/520496028 Matthew Val Hall

    Quan has always looked weak and unsure. OO, on the hand, looks juvenile. How can OO claim to represent the 99% when they employ destructive tactics that are broadly unpopular?

  • RealityCheck

    Eric..I know this is California, but…what kind of weed are you smoking? The so called Occupy Oakland movement has not done anything but forcing our bankrupt city into more waste of public resources trying to control it’s destruction by professional troublemakers that care not one bit about common people trying to make an honest living. I have been to several demos by the occupyers and I have yet to meet someone that has been foreclosed by a bank have held a job for more than 2 seconds and/or payed taxes. What do you guys want? You destroy public property payed by our tax dollars and expect the Police to come by and give you a kiss? Breaking and entering is a crime which is what your phony revolutionary friends did at City Hall. Mayor Quan and the Oakland Police have been too mamby pamby about allowing your group to commit crimes, I would have told your group to go and f— yourselves a long time ago. I am a veteran of the 60s demonstrations for Civil Rights and against the war in Viet Nam, we did what we had to do, but we never f—-d innocent people trying to make a living . Oakland is not the enemy, the enemy is people like Apple making their shit with slave labor in China. Are you willing to burn your IPad, Iphone? The enemy is not the truck drivers that are now hardly making a return on their investments. The enemy is not the small businesses around City Hall that have lost most of their incomes thank to you and your buddies, the enemy is not the people that work for minimum salary that can’t work thanks to you because no one wants to go to downtown Oakland.

    • Mbglitch

      Reality: I couldn’t disagree more. Eric’s statements are clear and speak for themselves; your counter-arguments, besides the pelling mistakes are riddled with commonplace (common people, honest living), generic hatemongering and rudeness (professional troublemakers, go f— yourselves), lack of any proof whatsoever (photos, names, evidence?) and plain misunderstanding of the core values Occupy stands for (oakland is not the enemy – ? nobody has ever stated that, mayor Quan’s brutal repression agenda is the “enemy”).
      I urge you to reconsider your hasty assumptions and apologize to American heroes like Eric, who are risking their reputation, career and very life to defend America from the destruction operated by the greedy (non-american) few.
      Go Occupy!