Breaking: G8 Moved Out of Chicago

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The Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland.

In a move that makes a mockery of American democracy—but also points to the growing clout of the Occupy movement—the White House has moved the site of the upcoming G-8 economic summit from Chicago to the presidential retreat at Camp David in Maryland. Chicago’s current mayor, Rahm Emanuel, served as President Barack Obama’s first chief of staff, leaving in 2010 to return to electoral politics.

Because it attracts protesters, the G8 has “been increasingly taken away from anywhere we can get near,” Mike Dolan, a principal organizer of protests at the 1999 World Trade Organization conference that spawned The Battle of Seattle, told the New York Times in 2004. That year, the G8 was held on remote Sea Island, Georgia.

From Huffington Post:

It’s an unusually late location change for such a large international summit. The White House gave no immediate reason for the shift, saying only in a statement that Obama is inviting his fellow G-8 leaders to Camp David to “facilitate a free-flowing discussion.”

The G-8 meeting will be held May 18-19. The White House says Obama still plans to host the NATO summit in Chicago on May 20-21.

The White House announced last summer that Obama would hold both summits in his hometown of Chicago.

See you in Maryland in May?

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  • Garrett Schaefer

    They scared now.

  • Damnationmedia

    a victory for Occupy, but a action of what’s to come, and with the new laws set in motion that we cannot protest on federal property, and or against any federal worker it goes to show the pressure is on!!

  • terri scofield

    HA! We barely PLAN to flex our muscles and the machine cowers. ’69 may have been the summer of love, but ’12 is the summer of PEOPLE POWER!

  • livresrares

    Occupy Catoctin!

    (there’s a park with campsites right next to Camp David)

  • Ed Corey

    I just spent $400 on train tickets to go to Chicago on Friday. Fucking wonderful.

    • Gabe Barouh

      thats why you should ride a bike, occupy bicycles!

  • Thomassimmons1 0

    yeh, their on the run.. does’nt make a difference though, we won’t stop until it’s over, time to see who blinks first!

    • Danvojt

      Read HR 357… Be very afraid

  • Concerned_Canadian

    Watch out for the Trespass Bill. If signed it will, for all intents and purposes, removed the 1st Ammendment. North American Spring is coming!

    • Danvojt

      Very…. Very true…
      HR 357 Be afraid…. Be very afraid….
      Serious threat to our 1st Amendment Rights

  • Sheri Rohrbacher

    I wish they’d stop begging for a revolution. When you remove the public’s choices that’s what you end up with.

  • Jason

    If it does not make sense it is not supposed to, it is designed to frustrate & push the masses toward open revolt, giving Obama all the “emergency” he needs to declare martial law & shut down all communication to start rounding up opposition forces for deletion

  • Les-Occupy Cinci

    Don’t let them run, come and demand transparency in our government: