How to Turn Vandalism on Its Head in One Easy Step

Amy Balsley of Visalia, California, mounted some signs on her lawn this weekend assailing the violence and opportunism of war and drawing a correlation between a living wage and peace and prosperity.

The next day she woke to find this.

“Visalia is hard on free speech,” her fiancé Dave Fish lamented.

But rather than accept defeat, Balsley got creative.

“My girl made it look cooler using their vandalism,” he wrote.

Lucky guy.

Photos: Dave Fish

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  • Michael Maldonado

    Sorry to hear that happened to you but nice imagination putting your signs back up. Keep on Keepin’ on.

  • Texxtyn

    Keep up the good work. What kind of nut doesn’t like peace? That is plain weird.

  • Ethos

    Ignorant, scamming, sceevy bitch. you are a bully and your egomaniacal idealism will be your downfall. burn.