• Coleen

    a somewhat Dr. Seussish poem called OCF (Occupy the Farm) based on animals. Where would I send it so it could be published for the movement?

  • Artservicesgroup

    The newest political cartoon on the Occupied Wall Street Journal is terrible, if you want to win you need to choose more wisely and hit them were it hurts, check out http://www.occupykcjournal.com for some successful political cartoons and stop being pansies because the other side is out to win are you???

    • Jennifer Sacks

      Those cartoons are not appropriate for a younger audience, and our newspaper is distributed in some schools. Winning, as you say, will take a generation, possibly; it isn’t a baseball game. The good news is that the beginning starts now. Thanks for reading.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001917210158 Chard Breed

    really proud of what you did here…..however…you need an rtistic webguy…who values your neeed for getting things acomplished…withan artistic eye…i’m toast…the car wreck brok two places in my back…and my left hip. so…be back when it’s all fixed…my insurance was a huge kharma return, it’s at John’s Hopkins Hospital…like the best frikking docs in the usa…and many the world. Their Bios shred any local doctors…shred. It’s like they do 25 specialties…from Neurology to minimal impact joint replacements. I got blessed! c u when i can…keep up the good work…use some of the copy ideas I put up at http://www.occupycongress.webstarts.com…which is somewhat void…full copy of content for you is at http://www.occupythecongress.webs.com chard

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001917210158 Chard Breed

    anyone, who writes so much, so sincerely…deserves some free truth: after working a couple of decades on the hill….both

  • RC

    OCCUPY NUCLEAR – New Nukes | February 9
    - – - NEW NUKES ALERT – - -

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has scheduled a vote for Feb. 9 on Southern Co.’s application for the first construction permit to build nuclear reactors in more than 30 years. The two Westinghouse nukes are already under construction at Plant Vogtle in Georgia.

    OCCUPY NUCLEAR, February 9, 2012 -

    • NRC: Rockville, Maryland | other NRC Locations

    • Southern Company: NW Atlanta, GA

    • Vogtle Electric Generating Plant:
    Burke County, near Waynesboro, Georgia

    • Westinghouse Nuclear:
    Cranberry Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania


  • RC


    any actions planned that you know of? – who should i be in touch with? – point this email in the right direction?

    - i am posting to several places already, and hope to add updates over the next few days.

    THANKS! – - any and all help appreciated!

    OCCUPY NUCLEAR – New Nukes | February 9

    - – - NEW NUKES ALERT – - -

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commissionhas scheduled a vote for Feb. 9 on Southern Co.’s application for the first construction permit to build nuclear reactors in more than 30 years. The two Westinghouse nukes are already under construction at Plant Vogtle in Georgia.

    OCCUPY NUCLEAR, February 9, 2012 -

    • NRC: Rockville, Maryland | other NRC Locations

    • Southern Company: NW Atlanta, GA

    • Vogtle Electric Generating Plant:
    Burke County, near Waynesboro, Georgia

    • Westinghouse Nuclear:
    Cranberry Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania

  • http://rceezwhatsup.blogspot.com/p/occupy-nuclear.html RC

    OCCUPY NUCLEAR – New Nukes | February 9

    - – - NEW NUKES ALERT – - -

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commissionhas scheduled a vote for Feb. 9 on Southern Co.’s application for the first construction permit to build nuclear reactors in more than 30 years. The two Westinghouse nukes are already under construction at Plant Vogtle in Georgia.

    OCCUPY NUCLEAR, February 9, 2012 -

    • NRC: Rockville, Maryland | other NRC Locations

    • Southern Company: NW Atlanta, GA

    • Vogtle Electric Generating Plant:
    Burke County, near Waynesboro, Georgia

    • Westinghouse Nuclear:
    Cranberry Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania

    any actions planned that you know of? – who should i be in touch with? – point this email in the right direction?

    - i am posting to several places already, and hope to add updates over the next few days.

    THANKS! – - any and all help appreciated!

    (sorry for the duplicate posting – i forgot to check “Subscribe to all comments by email”)

    • http://rceezwhatsup.blogspot.com/p/occupy-nuclear.html RC

      • WHATS UP
      — contact: RC r_cherwink@comcast.net

      > Einstein said, “The splitting of the atom changed everything save man’s mode of thinking; thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe.” He also said, “Nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water!”

      Send an urgent message to the President and your members of Congress TODAY and tell them that there is no place for taxpayer giveaways to the nuclear industry in the budget and that now is the time to invest in technology that uses clean and unlimited energy sources like the sun and wind.
      Taxpayers should NOT take on the risk of building new nuclear plants!

      > “Nuclear Safety is an Oxymoron: nuclear power kills – it is not clean, it is not cheap, and it is immoral – anyone who says that it is safe is either lying, making money, misinformed and/or delusional


      > want to help? – find your closest nuke plant(s), look up the type and status of the reactor(s) and/or other facilites; and find out who the owners & operators are. then we can talk about some organizing and actions! – who is already working on the nuclear issue in your area? – what next? :)
      follow links, comment below… | email rc :)

      > March 2012 is “March Against Nuclear Madness” and Beyond Nuclear has created a new March Against Nuclear Madness Facebook page. We will be helping to coordinate, organize and promote events around the country throughout the month of March to commemorate the March 11, 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe in Japan. We encourage you to post your events and ideas on this page.

      — #OCCUPY
      > 1/28/2012: Support for a joint declaration between the assemblies of Moscow and New York from the Anti-War Working Group | NYC General Assembly # Occupy Wall Street

      …Nuclear power continues to pose a threat to life and earth and is the essential technology driving the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Every nuclear reactor is a potential bomb factory that burns and produces materials which with further processing can be used to make nuclear warheads. Nuclear accidents have led to nuclear catastrophes. Chernobyl and now Fukushima have given us the resolve to say “No to nuclear!”…

      > CLAMSHELL ALLIANCE | Occupy – Nuclear Power

      Blog Archive | Occupy – Nuclear Power
      Occupy – Nuclear Power
      Posted (Diane Clancy) on 13-01-2012

      Occupy is protesting the inequities that come from socializing risk onto the 99% and privatizing profits for the 1%. The collapse of housing and financial markets is a good example.

      Nuclear power is another case of how the public pays for energy choices that favor corporate profits and control. Public dollars concentrate profits to nuclear corporations, warping energy choices to support centralized, capital intensive electric generation. Decentralized renewables and energy efficiency lose out.

      • OCCUPY NUCLEAR | New Nukes • February 9

      > The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has scheduled a vote for Feb. 9 on Southern Co.’s application for the first construction permit to build nuclear reactors in more than 30 years. The two Westinghouse nukes are already under construction at Plant Vogtle in Georgia.

      >Your tax dollars at work – The U.S. Energy Department in February 2010 conditionally approved an $8.3 billion loan guarantee to help the company build the two reactors.

      >PLANT VOTGLE: Each unit has a Westinghouse pressurized water reactor (PWR), with a General Electric turbine and electric generator. Units 1 and 2 were completed in 1987 and 1989, respectively.

      During Vogtle’s construction, costs skyrocketed from an estimated $660 million to $8.87 billion. This was typical of the time due to increased regulations after the Three Mile Island accident.

      In 2009, the NRC renewed the licenses for both units for an additional 20 years, to the 2040s.

      Groundwork for two new Westinghouse AP1000 reactors is underway.

  • hodg

    I wish everyone would see that by rewriting the tax code while simplifying it, and expanding it to 20 brackets; this would solve 98% of the country’s problems. We need a new party, or a strong movement to push for this reform.

  • Marydelavalette

    Underneath all these problems is the core of all our problems…human overpopulation. Shame on Derrick Jensen that he doesn’t get it – or doesn’t want to get it…mary de la valette

  • http://bravoproductions.biz/ Tim Bravo

    Please, please, pleeeeeease set up daily email updates through feedburner (or WordPress if that’s your platform). I would very much appreciate receiving the Occupied Wall Street Journal in my inbox!

    Bless you for your work!


    • Ric Oxman

      I just wrote to Tim (via his company’s online format), requesting contact directly. Please, Tim, IF YOU READ THIS… do follow through in reaching me today, if possible. Again, my contact in California is 707-994-1839 at any hour. Anyone who is able to reach Tim should feel free to encourage contact; my email is aptosnews@gmail.com. In solidarity, Ric

  • Rider


    I have an AT&T DSL account and I can no longer access your domain when I am on that connection! I confirmed this by changing to a non-AT&T DNS and your domain comes back up. I’m not sure if this is regional (I am on the West Coast) or alkl of AT&T subscribers… but you are being censored, right now.

  • Nuzblues

    have c-span post all bills up for vote before vote ( everything would be on line) ,reg ppl get science info about said bill in video form and maybe a short lobbiest pitch (if any,and no payoff,country club,sells pitch type stuff etc… ) video info and vote (on line real time) before congress /house votes .the old gov would see what the new reg ppl gov does based on science and would hopefully be moved to do the rite thing , all based on a calling to surve humanity(2 goverments, maybe shareing the same task,that way we could see side by side which is the best),the 2nd peoples TRUE public servant gov would do the planing , work and provide the supplys out of our pockets to complete said tasks .and instead of paying taxes to less inefficient old gov, we do it our selfs and have a non profit volunteer peoples form of gov being a tax write off, so we wouldnt be paying any more taxes than we pay now)( thus paying tax to gov of your choice)and hopefully in time, to completely repace the broken old form of gov (and congress with only a 9% aproveal rateing) .this form of gov , im guessing would save 3/4 of the money wasted on old form of gov, pervent 9/10 of wars ( if ppl voteing to go to war had to fight wars,we would be less likely to have wars) . and kick a lot of fatcats gov ppl ,lobbiest,war like,and sales ppl type (steve jobs said sales ppl shouldnt run business)(60% of usa bussinesses are run by sales ppl) out of there jobs , and stop most all of the boondoggles messing the world up. and i would be king! ( the king part is just a joke, haha). no realy its time to use the tec we have at hand to do the rite thing and move forward to save the world !!! and go where no man( girl) has gone before =SPACE nuzblues@yahoo.com

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TWFNG4CNBRMNIMDAW4RENZ54ZY John

    diversity of tactics and non violence? Y’all are overlooking a mega weapon here

  • Squeoo

    Hello, I was just contacting you to give you the link to my ustream account where I will be streaming live the events of February 29th and March 1st in DC and see if perhaps you would help me to promote the true news as it happens.

    ustream.tv/user/squeoo is my account, and I would greatly appreciate if you helped me to spread the loving message of the 99% that we can be together in unity, but some of our ways must change.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Ann-Shiech/1081505783 Mary Ann Shiech

    Some information to update…Occupy Lincoln, Nebraska has evaded the March 1st date for eviction. The city granted a two month extension, pushing the eviction date to May 1st. The city has undertaken rezoning and construction projects that will directly affect the Centennial Mall encampment. Another tactic to suppress the occupy movement. We are still here!! Been here since October 15th!

    • Dsburr

      They pushed it to May 1st??? Are they aware that’s the Global Strike day??? Not a smart move on their part…

  • Nanook

    Most of the posts about foreclosures have focused on the foreclosure of HOUSES. I think we also need to look at this disaster in other terms: what about the people?

    Realty Trac last January stated that there were 2,173,349 homes in foreclosure in the U.S.. So, how many people is that? A recent article said the average U.S. home occupancy rate was about 2.7. So, to me, the Realty Trac statistic says that the foreclosure crisis has thrown about 6 MILLION people into the street! That’s a lot of people! Isn’t it about 6 times as many homeless as created by the earthquake in Haiti? Now, think how the U.S. and the world reacted to the earthquake. With 6 times as many people affected, shouldn’t our country be reacting to the “foreclosure quake” as a major disaster? When 10,000 were made homeless in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, there was a major outpouring of help. If the number of foreclosures estimated in the headlines every day are true, we will keep duplicating Haiti in this country every 3 MONTHS! on top of the 6 Haiti’s we have already seen.

    Here’s another way to state this. U.S. bankers cause a Hurricane Katrina disaster in the U.S. every single day! Doesn’t anyone in the government or the press understand this?

  • Anonymous

    Talking about Ponzi schemes, the entire stock market has been corrupted from the fundamental reason for its creation. It was originally created to help BUSINESSES raise money to start and grow. What we have now is just GAMBLING. The whole stock market is very much like a Ponzi scheme. That means, it is also a “negative sum” game. Except for the initial investors, people can gain in the market only as long as prices go up ( or did in the past – using short selling). BUT, like a Ponzi scheme, the last one holding a stock ( for either long or short sales) when the price falls, loses big. And, like a casino, for every trade, the HOUSE takes a cut! We need to stop the GAMBLING.

    What should be done is to separate the stock market into a PRIMARY and SECONDARY market.

    The primary market is IPO investments and growth investments. The rules for this need to be tightened up a lot. ALL citizens should be able to invest in these as simply as they buy stocks now, and no special deals should be available to company employees or other investors.

    The secondary market, where stocks are just traded as gambling, if we can’t get rid of it all together, should be controlled by a version of the RICO commission. A very important provision for this market is that NO bank deposits or pension funds should be allowed to participate in the secondary market.

    As for the commodities market, a similar division should be made. Protecting businesses from supply variations should be handled with insurance. Speculation should be moved to the RICO commission and limits placed on who can invest and which commodities can participate.

  • http://www.jobs-raped.com/ Jack Disbrow

    I have something to contribute to the occupy conversation. http://www.jobs-raped.com/

    I have a book about Jobs in America, more specifically the decimation of employment in America that I would like to distribute for free to all the occupy movements this spring. (I’m guessing 100 or so printed paperbacks per city — open to suggestions) I will do this at my expense — if I have to I’ll go town to town.
    I think I can raise the money to do this.

    I am doing this because I believe the facts and examples and suggestions within this book could prove to be helpful for the American conversation.

    Please – I need some help and suggestions about this dream — this quest.

    Shipping addresses would be helpful as that would cut down on travel expenses (though I’d love to visit all the occupy sites!)

    Contact names would help so the books are not sent into the void, the trash.

    Any ideas?

    This is an address to the book and where you can read it online for free if you want to validate this request or just wish to read it.

    Thank you – Jack

  • Linda Rosch

    What is the status of the Solyndra Solar Plant and property? I spent a couple of days trying to pitch an idea on Twitter…that some Hollywood lumnaries could be persuaded to from a group to buy the Solyndra Plant BACK and return it to solar manufacturing. I suggested Susan Sarandon, Steven Spielberg, Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt, Alicia Keys, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Cissy Spacek — that’s just a beginning. Last night someone told me “Solyndra” had been snapped up. I don’t know if this is true. “We need Our **Stars** to take us SOLAR. We cannot tolerate the Keystone Pipeline or more fracking.

    If it’s not Solyndra, then Hollywood could start it’s OWN PUSH to take the country SOLAR and combat the propaganda of the fossil-fuel industry…..Hi George Clooney!

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  • dingalingy

    i can’t believe hot water still comes out of the wall while syria is going through such brutal bloodshed. where are the women’s organizations to protest the rapes, why is there such delay, such inaction, there are videos of the mass graves being dug, there are images of the children’s bodies, there are reports from the witnesses who managed to flee, there is video from inside the torture center, inside the killing center, people are risking thier lives to get this information out to the world. do not forget t hem, do not be silent while those in power do nothing. http://www.livestream.com/syrianfreedom?t=410001 has been working night and day to get images of the protests and the evidence of the crimes. the livestreamers need data storage

    love to occupii — so awesome —

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  • http://inspinwetrust.blogspot.com/2011/10/selection-of-richest.html Imo

    Join the victims’ club! This company, ZANETT INC., owes $3 million to its ELDERLY investors who lost their life savings, has many offices throughout the country and 1 overseas; hiring new people; just completed a contract with the city of Indianapols; boasts of its Platinum level partnership with Oracle Corp., but refuses to pay! Why? BECAUSE NO ONE WILL FORCE IT TO PAY! THE WHITE-COLLAR CRIMINAL SYSTEM PROTECTS ITSELF! http://zanettnotes.com/contact.php
    This pyramid scheme is still in progress and no one will stop it – not SEC, not FBI not FINRA

    For details read SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST:

    Are you or someone you know fell prey to ZANETT’s shenanigans? Please, reply!



    Sumner Harrington Ltd. CONTACTS: http://zanettnotes.com/contact.php

    • Marion Gordon

      Yes, I have fell prey to Zanett. I have spoken with Ed Elverud many times asking when the interest would be deposited into my checking account. It comes in every once in awhile. I now have a $2,000.00 note that is maturing on May 9th. I wonder if I will get my principal plus the interest for the last two months. I obviously don’t have that much money invested in Zanett and also CPS, but at my age and I have been a widow for 17 years without any pension, I need an income, because I cannot survive on Social Security. I know that I took a big chance investing with Sumner Harrington and now I’m paying the price. Are you the only one that has posted a blog? If you want to reach me, my E-mail address is Maximiss@aol.com. Many thanks for the chance to let me vent!!!

      • Imo

        Marion, I just sent you an email. Do you know of any other defrauded Zanett investors? Agent Elverud said there were 10 people last year. Zanett is Oracle’s Corp.’ platinum partner and Oracle would not disclose any information about them when I asked. Apparently they don’t care if their partners are crooks. Zanett was also chosen by the mayor of Indianapolis to overhaul its computer systems in spite of warnings from Indianapolis Business Journal about the company. We should all try to expose these shady practices and force the justice system to prosecute the criminals let alone give them government contracts. Unpunished, they proliferate like roaches.

        Any suggestions are welcome

  • http://www.occupypetaluma.com/ Sonya_terri
  • Buckfever1953

    You need to shut Wall St. down, Just like what Capt. Jack said ?

  • Debi R Mills

    I am looking for Carly in Oakland and San Francisco. Debi

  • Newname800

    Ack, font too small!

  • Santonsen

    Please make a new sign as the nypd trashed it this morning at 10am arrrested 2 more people and basically the ” park Rangers” had the nypd as back up . Nypd threw the girl on the ground that had a concussion and sprained ankle from the night before but the nypd doesn’t care .. They also punched another girl in the face . The nypd is starting to really disgust me . I asked the nypd a question if you are allowed to sit but not lie down in the park( people sunbath in the park and they have to lie down ) anyway my answer was ” call 311 ” wtf ? Why are you ( nypd ) there then ? If you don’t know the answer to my question why are you bothering there people . ?

  • 4globalrevolution

    What will they say?

    Something that has been bothering me lately is the way in which people rely so heavily on the opinions of others to dictate what they do. It seems inescapable and most of the time it seems to be a fruitless dependence that saps people of their individuality. This is peer pressure on a massive scale and it stems from the socialization model that our society endorses. As social pressure affects everybody, from the moment when a child is first introduced to our social system they are learning to stay constantly aware of the “proper” way to think, act and be as is defined by the current social values. The way that people keep in contact with these social norms is simple – they repeatedly ask themselves one question, “Will other people approve of this?” The answer to this question seems to hold a great deal of importance in modern Western culture, and I believe that it is destroying the creative potential of our society.
    Since Western culture draws its values from the established forms of capitalism and consumerism, this phenomenon has been deeply engrained in nearly every aspect of social life. The pressure that society exerts on each individual who interacts with it to abide by the current standards is immense. It affects everything; from what we say, to what we buy, and what we do. It does this by projecting an image of the ideal individual through popular media, and then by judging each person on their ability to emulate that image. Some people are more affected by social pressure than others, and some can ignore its draw to a certain extent. Regardless, at some level, nobody who participates in our society is spared from the power of mass peer pressure.
    Now, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that I don’t want my happiness and comfort to depend on this flawed system of ideals which is vulnerable to manipulation for the benefit of a tiny fraction of the population. I certainly want my future to be shaped by myself in the way that I want, because it represents who I am, and not because it raises my social status in comparison to the ideal “individual.” I want to distance myself from the current structure because to participate in it means to give it power. It feeds off the people, who are the perpetuators of the entire social pressure system. The only way to beat it is by refusing to acknowledge it. By genuinely accepting each person for who they are, instead of judging them, it would be possible to construct a new system which could cultivate creativity and nurture innovation. Sounds difficult, I know, especially since for most people the act of comparing others to an “ideal” has probably become instinctual. Still, I think it is possible and it means taking a huge step forward towards becoming a real individual.
    So how can we achieve this feat, and change the underlying values upon which our society is so precariously resting? By taking control of our own thoughts/actions and by showing total disregard for the opinions created by the current systems of social values. Fuck consumerism and the mainstream media. Fuck fashion trends, and for that matter, fuck all passing trends which prey upon the system of perpetual peer pressure. They are another way for the big corporations to manipulate the masses, to encourage consumerism, and to squeeze the public for its hard-earned profits.
    Can you imagine living a life where you only buy something when you need it or when you want it to improve the quality of your life? A life where you only do something if you have considered the options and have made a decision that reflects who you are and who you want to be? I can. I can imagine a society where everybody is capable of clear, rational thought that is free from pressures to conform to a false image of an ideal member of society. And when I imagine the supreme feeling of liberation that surely follows for each person when they break free, I can’t help but think, who cares what “they” will say.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646230035 Rachel Lyn Rumson

    Is there anyway to get some print copies of the latest for a Rally for Obama’s visit in Maine?

  • guest

    To get the police on Occupy’s side, print a few thousand flyers, with a cartoon drawing on it, showing a policeman and uncle Sam pulling a wallet out of the policeman’s pocket (it says TAX $ on the wallet) handing the wallet over to a group of (possibly armed to the teeth) bankers, who wave a flag saying: “we destroy economies and countries, with derivatives and fraud” Possibly the bankers could be standing on flattened bodies, the bodies have the names, Iraq, Egypt, Afganisthan, Pakistan, EU, and US Citizens on it.
    Underneath the cartoon, it could say: We are the people, please protect our civil rights ! With love, your peaceful Citizens. A big heart could be drawn there.
    Than hand one flyer to each policeman, with a flower. And beam as much positive energy to the cops as possible.

  • http://twitter.com/storyscan StoryScan

    Occupy Worcester still in it to win it. http://youtu.be/jUPs-tfbLys

  • Hubert Kauffman

    There are so many issues of national concern that trump the Travon Martin tragedy. Why is OCCUPY

  • Hubert Kauffman

    If OCCUPY had a coherent message for the American people it would have the ability to rally masses of people behind it and really make a difference. OCCUPY has identified one important problem in income disparity. Peace, the economy, campaign reform, tax reform to name a few are also important. It is time to gerow into leadership of the people. Create a grooundswell to solve comprehensive problems comprehensively.

    Hubert Kauffman

  • gift economy

    The only real weapon against their profit based system is A GIFT ECONOMY – FREE STUFF CAN destroy their corporations – create & use only free stuff – use LINUX instead microsoft – learn on youtube HOW TO GERMINATE YOUR tomato/apple/avocado… seeds – google: guerrilla planting – create FREE FOOD to all – don’t buy teir poisoned restrected slave food – understand that there is LIMITLESS tomato reproduction possibilities from VERY ONE SEED – nature designed ABUNDANCE for all of us – but their system creates scarcity by design (they pay farmers for NOT to produce; they throw all food surplus in the Ocean for to keep prices as high as possible) – teach children to SHARE & GIFT free food – let us enjoy abundance – abundance to all 6 billion people – now, yes, we can

  • Kristyan Geyr


    Here the link to a series of portraits of Occupy Wall Street protestors shot in October 2011. Any interest into publishing them?

    Kristyan Geyr

  • Ngoc Tran

    …I was hoping to acquire the typefaces in the paper’s masthead, particularly the ‘OCCUPY’ face. Working on a set of DIY mobilization posters, would love to riff off of existing movement aesthetics.

  • David S. Pointer

    Size Matters!

    Mention reading and
    many contemporary
    college students may
    take off like a Red
    Rocket Ale truck , and
    it might not be so
    hard to do as my
    daughter Destiny’s
    5th grade kiddie books
    are all bigger than
    the text for my
    college students
    in Introduction to
    Sociology pages
    trimmed down for
    the mass produced
    modern brain
    not issued
    sized bindings

    Questions for those Having Served
    At Camp Pendleton and Lejune

    For boot camp
    The Marine Corps had
    No-fray binding contracts
    And big medical shot
    Syringe pistols that we
    Hoped weren’t used for
    Experiments on us then
    The permanent duty stations
    Had unexploded ordinances
    Sometimes built atop base
    Housing—later Legion
    Magazine told of all the ex-
    Sailors dying with lymphoma
    Or lung cancer when I finally
    Received my own cancer
    Questionnaire from Marine
    General Jackson and his
    Administrative entourage
    Wanting to know if I was
    Walking around or had
    Become another water
    Soluble frozen section, and
    Suddenly I sensed that the
    Time between a tour of duty
    And tox lab intelligence
    Sequencing software
    Formulating these health
    Questions wasn’t so far off
    After all—Semper Fi!


    A bank robber’s
    son universities
    after the service,
    but his race card
    isn’t a protected
    group, and his
    social class isn’t
    talked about, and
    everyone pretends
    honesty, uprightness—
    after college his
    credit report is
    blocked— bankers
    won’t issue any
    small business
    loans and so on,
    and so backwards,
    into deeper poverty,
    and small press
    poetry marginalized
    by the same people—
    the same banking
    institutions that had
    been handling his
    case all along.


    David S. Pointer
    803 West Main Street Apt. M
    Murfreesboro, TN 37129
    E-mail: dspointer@hotmail.com

  • Busterwrap

    I would like to distribute the paper at my restaurant. Do you have that kind of set up?

  • Kenneth J Farrell

    Just a quick request: how can I get an RSS feed of OWSJ posts?

  • Getajob

    get a job

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mas-TerBlaster/100002248636789 Mas TerBlaster

    Support the Santa Cruz Eleven – Drop All Charges !!!
    Sign the petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/549/146/902/11-people-are-facing-2-felonies-each-sign-the-aclus-statement-of-support/
    Last November in Santa Cruz, CA a long time vacant bank building was occupied for three days as concerned citizens across this great nation brought awareness and took direct action in defense of our Constitutional and unalienable Basic Human Rights!
    Story here: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/12/01/18701406.php
    Intent on re-purposing the vacant building as a community center that could serve some of the most basic needs, they were still brutalized and targeted by police (or ‘code enforcement’) as criminals. Under their own judgment, they decided to peacefully leave the building in hopes of avoiding further unfair punishment and prosecution by a system that seems to care more about money than people.
    See more here: http://75river.tumblr.com/
    However, the story is NOT over YET!!! An outrageous move by the SCPD has been to slap a total of 23 felony charges on 11 people associated with the occupation! (now known as the SantaCruz11) This move has come under great criticism and needs YOUR SUPPORT to prevent this tragedy from progressing. Please share and sign the petition!

    Visit the websites below for more details, and information on how to donate:
    SantaCruz11 website: http://santacruzeleven.org/
    SantaCruz11 on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SantaCruzEleven

  • iomicrab

    #IMPORTANT :: the links on the french front page don’t work :: Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/occupied/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/confidence/aero/plugins/breadcrumbs.php on line 78 :: is it me ?

  • Fujiko Umezawa

    Why don’t occupied link Thrive movie on the web site.
    It will help to explaine what you are or why you are doing for.
    is there some reason for that?
    I thought this movie is brilliant to explaining how only 1%people control 99% people and economically


  • Bojangles

    Occupy needs victories, not victims.

  • hector figueroa

    OWS inventor, we finally own an american made product called (QUICKCOOL) our occupy wall street inventor donated all of his lifes work to make sure we move totally forward, however we have a big problem because our ows journal is not writing what we have inherited, it’s time we start showing and writing about our new american made brand called (QUICKCOOL) WE NOW own a peace of america, so why are we not reporting this great GOD sent news. http://www.ultimate-inventor.com/

  • Sherri Hawn

    Mike Check: What Occupy Wall Street has done in bringing the voice of the 99% to America is meaningful. Now OWS must make what they have done count. OWS’ers all need to be showing up again en masse to register to vote, to get themselves and others to the polls, and vote to make sure the 1%’er running for President, Mr. Wall Street, and all who support maintenance of the 1% at the local, state and federal levels are NOT elected. Consensus has already been achieved on this–OWS came together to change the way the 1% do business with the rest of us, now OWS’ers must act to live up to the promise of the movement.

  • Bmklena

    my t shirt please – been asking for it for mnths…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=756432856 Kristyan Geyr

      Hi – sorry, is it about the $ T-Shirt? contact@wolfgeyr.com

  • Sascott52

    Is it true that the 3 men arrested for “terrorism” were the same ones in video where police, illegally pulled over their car & threatened them…documentation ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Miguelangel-Delgado/100000864012558 Miguelangel Delgado

    Just like to say to all. Thank you very much. am also can be usefull in the cause,i am educated in basic plumbing,carpentry,cooking,security,and love to walk,can scout around for safe avenues,and catious areas.Thank you. Miguel Delgado. :) :) :)

  • Magic Mole

    Extremely heavy police presence is becoming the norm at all demonstrations despite the general lack of willingness on the part of the VAST MAJORITY of protesters to be scary or dangerous or otherwise warrant this irrational level of attention from an armed constabulary.
    The protestors are not Dangerous, they are merely Revolting!
    Despite this horrible oppression so many are experiencing as they take to our streets, I hope just a little levity is not unwelcome. Here is a video I made the 19th of May in Frankfurt Germany where I live during the “Blockuppy Frankfurt” demonstration. Hope you enjoy it.


  • Clarence777

    I know a person who will not accept food stamps (Cal Fresh Food Stamps) and is presently starving to death. This person lost his job July 18, 2008. This person is a professional and lost his job with Varian Inc. Palo Alto, CA (a fortune 500 company).
    If Occupy Wall Street represented the Citizens of the United States they could get another Country to stop the Genocide. Show the world U.S. Citizens starving to death, the acts of Outsourcing and Genocide. It is very expensive to simply survive in the U.S. I can understand this martyr would prefer to die with dignity rather than die homeless sleeping on the street with only the future of food stamps and humility.

  • Clarence777

    I know a person who will not accept food stamps (Cal Fresh Food Stamps) and is presently starving to death. This person lost his job July 18, 2008. This person is a professional and lost his job with Varian Inc. Palo Alto, CA (a fortune 500 company).
    If Occupy Wall Street represented the Citizens of the United States they could get another Country to stop the Genocide. Show the world U.S. Citizens starving to death, the acts of Outsourcing and Genocide. It is very expensive to simply survive in the U.S. I can understand this martyr would prefer to die with dignity rather than die homeless sleeping on the street with only the future of food stamps and humility.

  • BiographyonBookchin

    Hello! We are making an important documentary on the legendary political thinker, philosopher and founder of the Social Ecology Movement, Murray Bookchin. He was an anti-capitalist and an advocate for the decentralization of society along ecological and democratic lines. His entire life he was a revolutionary and was heavily involved in the labor movement, in the civil rights movement, in urban activism, and in Green politics.

    Please support this independent documentary about a remarkable man who believed political movement at a local level was necessary, anticipating the global protests and the pervading political and social dissatisfaction that so many people feel today.

    Please help support our project. You can donate from as little as one dollar. Every penny helps!
    Find us on:



  • Joe

    I had great hopes for the Occupy Movement and it looks like it died. The grand visioin of a leaderless movement with no specific goals seemed loke a good ifdea. Unfortunately it did not work. I hope it can start up a,gain. The country needs it badly

  • Zevin X. Cruz


    Suggested Next Steps For Occupy Wall Street To Stir The Debate For New Ideas At The National Gathering

    Proposed By Zevin X. Cruz

    The following is an integral approach to art, activ¬ism and fundamental social change partially co-created with and/or for Occupy Wall Street (OWS), the Transition Movement and the Ron Paul Libertarian faction of the Tea Party. This groundbreaking strategy has been in the works for at least 12 years since the 1999 “The Battle In Seattle”—the trigger event of the Economic Justice / Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement—which has its modern roots to Martin Luther King’s 1968 Poor People’s Campaign . It offers what’s been missing from activism for decades—Foundational Framework (The SUM: The Ten Philosophical Pillars of Neo-Transcendentalism), Integral Theory of Activism (The Grand Continuum Theory of Evolutionary Transfor-mation) Cohesive Vision (The Society of the Third Millennium), Coherent Strategy (The Grand Unified Strategy) to rally around One Global Demand (The Grand Imperative)—“Abolish Empire & Establish Earth Community!”—The Ultimate Goal. It succinctly synthesizes what we are against and what we are for in one short, six-word, uncomplicated yet all-encompassing sentence that is big enough to encapsulate the millennial magnitude of the times.

    Within The SUM, is the Grand Unified Strategy (GUS) consisting of “Seven Strategic & Interdependent Initia-tives for the Massive Mobilization of Civil Society.” 1) Create Counter-Institutions by assisting OWS through Bill Moyers’ Movement Action Plan (MAP). 2) Build Alternative Institutions by participating in the Transition Movement’s efforts of community resiliency through the revolutionary act of relocalization. 3) Create A Paral-lel Government cabinet, new President, Supreme Court and Congress consisting of 535 nationally elected citi-zen legislators that pledge to end the infinite growth paradigm and get money out of politics. 4) Convene A Second Constitutional Convention or National Occupy Gathering to propose new amendments, like The Se-cond Bill of (Economic) Rights, draft a new Declaration of Re-Independence this time from the corporate tyranny of the economic oligarchy and a Common Ground Agenda for the people to publicly proclaim it on July 5, 2012, as the symbolic start of this nonviolent, non-cooperation Second American Revolution. 5) The Grand Ultimatum is publicly presented to launch a “Massive Mobilization of Civil Society” on the same day by “Drawing-A-Line-In-The-Sand,” once and for all, as our ultimate political leverage of government accountability through a “National Unifying Purpose” by creating a sense of urgency to accelerate all relocalization efforts in preparation for the possibility of a sustained, nationwide, general strike by November 5, 2012, (Guy Fawkes Day), and one day before the U.S. Presidential Election to unplug the machinery of the system, where our true, collective, people power lies. 6) The Cultural Creatives’ Convergence Quest (C3Q) is launch to promote a profound paradigm shift required to trigger a tipping point in this 50-project, 50-state, 5-month, cross-country, site-specific, outdoor, guerrilla art installations as a live Reality TV show of a change of consciousness campaign. When a critical mass is created and if the government still refuses to comply with the people’s last plea for comprehensive change than the greatest and most powerful unified mega-movement campaign of civil disobedience begins based on Gene Sharp’s methods of nonviolent action like: 7) The Nationwide General Strike that countdowns in a strategically staggered withdrawal of the system in the following proposed manner:

    MON, NOV. 5, 2012—Day 1: SOCIAL Noncooperation (school strikes, boycott of sport events); TUES, NOV. 6—Day 2: POLITICAL Noncooperation (withdraw consent to demonstrate the illegitimacy of government au-thority by boycotting the U.S. Presidential Election); WED, NOV. 7—DAY 3: ECONOMIC Noncooperation (withholding of labor and non-essential services)—all done until the government complies with our demands or forced to relinquish their power in a peaceful political purge of Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court that finally commences the creation of Earth Community but in order to coalesce all of the fragmented alternatives into a unified vision we need to give it a name to solidify this new sub-culture and that under-scores sustainability in a new post-carbon era, one suggestion is the Society of the Third Millennium (S3K).

  • Kevin

    Please help get this event out there to the people. We have a great opportunity ahead of us here. This is created by the people who brought you the occupy wall street meme. We have global guests of honor, arts, media, food, art, workshops, and exhibits all dealing with the future.



    Thank you all.

  • Guest
  • T.Smith

    ok so I truley no nothing of this stuff i am a woman in my 40′s just went back to school and work a full time job, my Teacher is having me write on the occupied journal and the OWS and the tea party · Restraining emotions
    · Looking at things differently
    · Analyzing information
    · Asking Questions
    · Distinguishing fact from option
    · Seeking truth in argument and persuasion
    Put these skills into practice. Consider the following article. After reading closely answer the questions or complete the directions below. Remember, you may be asked to switch positions after your initial post so be prepared to think about the issues from all perspectives. Be sure you have utilized all of the thinking skills above in your response. Your post will be graded accordingly.

    1 What is Occupy Wall Street? What is the position of the bankers?
    2 What is the position of an occupier? What are some of the challenges that BOTH groups face? Base your response on facts. my main concern is just this i dont know about this because of work and my daughter in middle school what is this and why is it that i am in the dark I dont watch tv or just plain blind to what is really happening to us.
    Finally concerned in west covina calif

  • Longbeachunplugged


    Thank you for your good and hard work.

    Can you please pass this along to your Occupy members? ALL SALES on iTunes of this audio track “99 Of US” will go to OCCUPY WALL STREET/OCCUPY LONG BEACH!


    99¢ for the 99%.


    Thanks for listening and caring.

    In solidarity,


  • Alphabetberger

    So, I just booked business travel to Japan from the East coast (USA). Our corporate travel website just sent me the following warning regarding my
    return trip back to the United States. Please get a job/life and be part of what makes this country great, instead of expecting the rest of us to
    provide you with whatever makes you happy “today”. I make it a point to tell my kids, every day, that LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Once you understand
    this concept like my kids do, you will move on with your lives and may actually rise above your bitterness, and become truly productive in our
    great society.

    Really people, The Tea Party has more credibility than “occupy” ever will, The Tea Party actually gets politicians elected. Once elected, they can
    Actually “WORK” to make a real difference (for better or worse). Another thing I tell my kids, You are never allowed to complain unless you are actually
    Engaged in “WORKING” to fix the problem. Your whole “occupy” operation seems to me to be just an adult temper tantrum cause you didn’t get
    What you have been taught is your entitlement. Shame on your parents, guardians, educators, etc. for not teaching you how life really works.

    Thanks for nuthin’

    * Warning Alert: UPDATE 8: Local governments dismantle Occupy protest camps; movement adopts new protest tactics. Traffic disruptions possible near protest sites.
    * Location(s) affected : United States
    * Begins: 12/21/2011
    Updated Information
    Police in most large US cities with a significant Occupy Wall Street presence have dismantled camps at public locations, and as a result, the Occupy movement has considered alternative methods of protest in what organizers have dubbed “Occupy 2.0.”

    New tactics include:
    • Setting up camps at new locations (with or without permits)
    • “Re-occupying” protest sites that police had previously evicted, often just hours after the eviction
    • “Occupying” foreclosed homes or vacant buildings
    • Demonstrating at political rallies and fundraisers, corporate events or shareholder meetings, foreign embassies related to a particular cause
    • Joining pre-established activist movements in isolated demonstrations
    Though tents or camp sites may decrease in number, other isolated actions will continue, and these events are likely to be disruptive as a way for protesters to call attention to the movement.

    Background and Analysis
    Though police in most cities with a significant Occupy presence have dismantled camps at nearly all public locations, contingents of the movement continue to “occupy” public spaces, such as public parks, vacant parking lots, or public property outside government buildings through the use of permanent camp arrangements. The movement began in September, and the largest presence is in New York City. Demonstrations have turned violent in the past; protesters have clashed with police, especially when authorities have removed tent sites or made arrests.

    Avoid all protests as a precaution. Use caution around corporate headquarters, brokerage houses, banks, Federal Reserve Banks, and other financial institutions. Seek updated information about road closures prior to driving and allow additional driving time near protest sites.

    • jinco

      How do you imagine a small child processes the message, “Life is not fair.”? I mean this seriously. You should really think about it.

      I’m sure you are trying to do the right thing and prepare them to live in a difficult world, but to a child, this sentence, “life is not fair”, may sound like some kind of a justification to become an unfair person.

      This could mean everything from being a generally insensitive prick to being a real criminal. Do you want to teach people that “it’s okay to treat other people badly sometimes because life isn’t fair, and you can, and right now the most expedient thing for you is just to get the advantage?” Think of any horror in the world; child labor, toxic waste dumping, unsafe work places, child sex trafficking, etc and behind it are people who tells themselves that what they do isn’t sooo bad because you know, life isn’t fair. And people are complacent about these preventable horrors because , you know, life isn’t fair.

      Martin Luther King knew life wasn’t fair, but he inspired greatness in others despite that. He didn’t preach “Tough shit, suck it up” . He looked to us to work and improve and be better people. To a sensitive child who maybe has idealism, and really, I think all children are idealistic, the message from a parent that, “LIFE ISN’T FAIR” (I capitalized it because you did) may be really depressing, spirit breaking.

      Be careful the words you choose. You probably think you are smart and tough and want to teach your kids to be the same. But maybe there are higher aspirations one could strive for and pass on to one’s children than smart toughness. There are better ways to solve our problems and dilemmas in life, and in this woorld and better character traits to develop to do this.

      It’s nice you are part of your kids’ life. And that you try to teach and parent them. Their lives are safe and they are cared for and have all needs met. They couldn’t possibly understand what you mean by “LIFE ISN’T FAIR”. A statement like this is bound to be understood differently by them than you intend it to be. Peace.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dragonking702000 Rob Costigan

    Kinda new to occupy, Is there one leader or just a group of people? Either way Occupy should run for president, fix what is wrong from the inside.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DavidofNH David Holt

    Occupy NH and several other groups protested the Romney Ryan invite only “Town Hall Meeting” Many NH Voters were turned away while others were bused in from out of state.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DavidofNH David Holt

    Occupy NH @ Dover held a Money out of Politics protest at the UBS in Portsmouth NH on August 11th, 2012

  • http://www.facebook.com/DavidofNH David Holt

    Occupy New Hampshire Seacoast held a visibility at the Obama event at the Rochester Commons in Rochester NH on August 18th. Occupy NH Seacoast had planned their second unpermited picnic for outreach and to feed the homeless in the commons on that day.

  • John

    http://www.issworldtraining.com/ISS_MEA/…this is a conference held on different continents and is for Law Enforcement, government only and yet it is run by a small conference planning, training place called Telestrategies…it shows just how extensive surveillance and tracking is and also note the sponsors and location–Dubai,UAE

  • Jose Colon


    Mike Rogers, Chairman
    U.S. House Committee on Intelligence
    133 Cannon
    House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    September 3, 2012

    Dear Mr. Rogers,

    On June 29, 2012 I’ve contacted Inspector General of the Intelligence
    Community, Washington, DC 20511, 703-482-130 on CIA “Millenium Hilton”
    top secret program. William Shea from the Office answered: ” I still see
    no proof of any connection to the CIA, and you have not explained how
    the CIA is effecting your life at this time. What is happening to you
    that you want to have stopped?” On June 30, 2012 same William Shea sent
    me e-mail:”CIA told me that “Filament” doesn’t

    I want to inform you, Mr. Rogers that I do exist and I am the part of
    CIA/FBI/U.S. Secret Service program which I call “Millenium Hilton”,
    hotel where CIA agents recruit and work with the members of this program
    and where I was recruited on September 1, 1995 as a joint CIA and FBI
    National Security
    Division project”.

    The purpose of this program is to secure CIA, FBI and U.S. Secret
    Service self-preservation. That’s why they control the White House and
    the U.S. Congress and kill politicians if needed. They assassinated
    President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 who wanted to terminate CIA.
    There was no “huge conspiracy – there was a “passive sabotage”
    operation. CIA Director John McCone, FBI Director Edgar Hoover and
    Secret Service Director James Rowley made a deal not to touch Lee Harvey
    Oswald until operation is over. On June 5, 1968 they killed Robert
    Kennedy who promised, in case he was elected the U.S. President, full
    investigation into his brother’s murder, on July 16, 1999 they killed
    John Kennedy who said once that his father’s death investigation was
    the most important thing of his life. Before that, on August 31, 1997
    they killed Princess Diana who
    had confidential meetings with John Kennedy Jr. and helped him in his

    I was a member of this program, my alias was “Filament”. The job was to
    penetrate the White House and the U.S. Congress and also work a a
    sniper and “stay close to President Bill Clinton” which means his
    assassination. That’s why I wrote “The Professional” system (top
    political management ) for Bill Clinton (in use by President Obama since
    2009).They paid me $900 to start and I’ve got political asylum status
    in USA. I refused to kill and that’s why I’m under severe CIA pressure -
    the Agency wants me back no matter what.

    In 2001 I’ve asked Senator Hillary Clinton to help me fight CIA which
    kept pressing me – I couldn’t get my family here. I’ve asked Lus Mendes,
    Hillary Clinton’s Immigration Dept Chief to tell her
    boss that I’ve saved Bill Clinton’s life by refusing to work for CIA.
    After that Hillary Clinton wrote to me 2 letters promising
    help – and she did help – she had no choice.
    On July 2, 2008, Barack Obama, who was running for the U.S. President, made a
    statement: “We can’t rely on our military in order to achieve the national
    security objectives that we’ve set. We got to have a civilian national security
    force that just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded”. Since then he is the target of the “Millenium Hilton” program.
    June 8, 2010, I got the letter from the US Office of Special Counsel
    Patrick Fitzerald: “Mr. Kryzhanovsky, You allege that Mr. Leon Panetta
    [CIA Director at the time - M.K.] violated the Hatch Act through his
    role in the “Millennium Hilton” operation. We reviewed this matter, and
    as explained below, we are closing our file without further action. The
    Hatch Act prohibits government employees from engaging in political
    activity while on duty. Your allegation that Mr. Panetta is involved in a
    CIA-FBI conspiracy, which you call the “Millennium Hilton” operation,
    even if true, is not activity that falls within the prohibitions of the
    Hatch Act. Therefore , we are closing the above referenced file. Erica
    On October 12, 2010 I had a meeting with U.S. Secret Service agents who informed me that I’m still on CIA program as “Filament” and I could work for Secret Service too. We talked about the vulnerability of Obama’s security – the agents got pretty nervous and blamed Rahm Emanuel for that.

    On January, 20, 2011 I talked to FBI agent Eric Perry. He said I talk
    too much and I made “high authorities, people on the very top extremely
    nervous”. He didn’t explain if it was FBI Director Robert Mueller, the
    White House Chief of Staff or somebody else.
    On August 30, 2012 I had a
    meeting with another Secret Service agents , who asked me again if I can and if I want to kill President Obama.
    Looks like President Barack Obama is really CIA/FBI/U.S. Secret Service “Millenium Hilton” program next target.
    I ask you, Mr. Rogers, to investigate this case.

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
    a former KGB spy and a sniper
    CIA “Filament”


    September 6, 2012 Vice President Joe Biden will deliver remarks at the
    2012 Democratic National Convention. He will talk about the tough
    decisions the President has made over the last four years strengthen our
    national security.

  • DJ Obama

    Please check out our Occupy music video called Hope for Change & feel free to share.



  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=10136639 Eric Moll

    There is no such thing as not voting.

    So listen. We need to think carefully about the role of Occupy in electoral politics. I’m not just talking about the presidential election. This is not just another “vote!”/”don’t vote!” opinion piece.

    I am not happy with things either. The bailout. A cowardly climate policy. Guantanamo open and no promise that it won’t someday house American citizens. Bradley Manning in solitary confinement for eleven months. Drones killing citizens in Pakistan, drones flying over Africa, drones being used domestically for surveillance. A state department which advocates for American arms manufacturers over any concern for peace, stability or security.

    But it’s precisely these sorts of policies that show why we have to think tactically. Occupy is only one year old. By 2014, 2016, we can lay the groundwork for a campaign we can be satisfied with. I don’t know what that’s going to look like. Maybe we need congressional candidates who swear, by legal contract if possible, to vote according to a daily public poll open to all their constituents. That’s just an example -whatever it is, it will be fresh, and it will be creative, and like everything else the Occupy movement has done, it will remind everyone in this country that we might still be able to have a democracy.

    It’s not just going to happen. We have to think clearly about how we’re going to get there, and we can’t let our frustration get the best of us. The legal and political climate will be more favorable under Obama. I can’t say that they won’t jail us or beat us or try to marginalize us, but we know that Romney will be even more fascistic. How many times have you heard this $2 trillion increase to the military budget mentioned in these debates? How many more drones, how much more surveillance and policing of the U.S. and the rest of the world, can be bought will $2 trillion dollars? How many more bombs? How many more gigatons of carbon will Romney’s administration emit?

    This is not about taking a stand against the two party system by not voting. If not voting had the slightest efficacy as protest against the voting system, then you’d think that 45 percent of eligible voters staying home would have brought it all crumbling down by now.

    David Foster Wallace said it best in an essay about the 2000 presidential campaign, “If you are bored and disgusted by politics and don’t bother to vote, you are in effect voting for the entrenched Establishments of the two major parties, who please rest assured are not dumb, and who are keenly aware that it is in their interests to keep you disgusted and bored and cynical and to give you every possible psychological reason to stay at home doing one-hitters and watching MTV on primary day. By all means stay home if you want, but don’t bullshit yourself that you’re not voting. In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard’s vote. (http://www.scribd.com/doc/72062302/David-Foster-Wallace-Up-Simba )

    A staffer at Greenpeace told me that when he first came to work at that organization, he asked a veteran activist “How can I avoid the things we’re campaigning against?” and the older activist said “You can’t. That’s why we’re campaigning against them.” We are not being given the option to vote against the bad policies of the democratic party. At this particular moment, we functionally have a choice only between Romney and Obama.

    I am not saying that Occupy needs to ally itself with the democratic party. One of the reasons why Occupy resonated so strongly with the American people is because it stood apart from the two-party system which everyone is so fed up with. I really believe that this movement has the potential to make that system obsolete. I acknowledge that it’s been a tough year for the movement, but every indicator predicts growth. I say simply “movement” here because this isn’t just about Occupy. The movement is global, and it is going to grow as the demographic preponderance of youth becomes more extreme, as population pressures and climate catastrophe stress the system and expose the failings of neo-liberalism, and as the internet empowers more and more people in the “developing world” with free education and the ability to organize in unprecedented ways.

    Now is not the time for despair or fatalism – and that’s what this talk about abstaining as some kind of political statement strikes me as: petulant and fatalistic.

    There is nothing hypocritical or contradictory about Occupiers voting for the democrats this time around – it doesn’t mean that Occupy supports the democratic party, but rather that a democratic administration will make for an easier stepping stone to truly revolutionary elections in 2014 and 2016 than would a republican one. We’ll have the time and the momentum to make it so we won’t have to compromise next time.

  • georges

    I know you have a strong commitment to justice for the people. You are strong and organized. Please consider a grass root movement to ask for the unification of the silent majority. Let’s tell the government to stop screwing around and help us move forward. Our country should deal with our needs, then when we are strong we can better help other countries. Jobs, health care, better veteran services like post duty work jobs these people are skilled and proud of it. We need to look into every thing that will build this country into the USA that we once were. The non-productive political machine needs to remember just what [We the people, by the people and for the people] means. We elected them to office now do your jobs and stop the counter productive pissing contest.

  • http://twitter.com/FreeUSAFromDumb Nate Ivrson

    I am concerned with the future for my children, and their children, my community and the others that are being put in harms way for profit. We, the People are not willing to trade our children’s lives for corporate gain.

  • Bob Bobaluba

    search Clinton glass-steagall

  • Johnny Barcode


    Melbourne Mashup 2013

    WARNING: To receive full impact of the Johnny Barcode experience, ensure
    sound is channelled through high quality sub speakers.

    “If we explained how the nightmare worked, everyone would just wake up” – J.B.

    Political Phantasy meets Occult Thriller with the aesthetics of a dog-eared 1970’s Russian Spy Novella; this art house masterpiece has the makings of a major cult classic. Poetic narrative reveals the story of Despotic Orwellian Figurehead of the Future and the Film Noir Antihero of Real Politik, Johnny Barcode. Martian Fairy Tale, Cinematic Revelation and Gothic Prophecy; Johnny Barcode paints a sensational metaphor of the times through free form dance movement masquerading as celestial perfection against human absurdity.

    In a rare form of creative activism, this film, as art, strikes the
    emotional nerve centre of the viewer with all the dread and anxiety expected of
    a world where thinly veiled Occultic Dictators enslave masked Manchurian minions through propaganda and
    propagation – it’s the new Zombie horror show, Johnny Barcode style.

    It’s actors / subjects / slaves, referred to in the making as
    Barcotronics, were repeatedly swooped by navy choppers, interrogated and escorted
    off locations – the desolate, haunted atmospheres of the Modern Metropolis,
    seething under the ever-expanding dominion of the Panopticon, now grown to full
    realisation since the start of this project.

    Raw material for this film was shot on the run over a period of 5 years,
    using Super 8 and archival 16mm reversal film stock. Hand-crafted, lo-fi &
    DIY, these cinematic gems of the pre-digital age have been mingled with
    original never-before-seen ancient Russian Olympic ritual footage, sourced from
    the black flea markets of Auckland City, and free from the codes of copywrite restriction.

    As reels of film lay dormant and unreleased in the vaults of infamous
    Artist and ex-O.T.O. initiate, Brent S Hayward, the call of Operation Paul
    Revere came to his attention via members of the Melbourne O.D.D. Support Group,
    and so the task of re-assembling this behemoth of pioneering independent art
    media was begun.

    It is anticipated that Johnny Barcode may indeed be one of the few
    interpretive arts responses to the message and spirit of the Paul Revere
    challenge. Many informative documentaries lay bare the hard facts we face each day of not-so-secret government plans to depopulate the planet and dumb down the masses in order to make a more dependent and distracted slave class. Yet well-crafted and intuitive artistic interpretations have the extra dimension and ability to transpose our awareness through experiential sensory entanglement with the subject matter, eliciting our emotional presence to the extreme reality we are so urgently endeavouring to overcome.

    Due to the epic nature and sheer magnitude of the Johnny Barcode
    material, his Mythos will likely be the only dramatized genocide and eugenics
    exposé to hit the [home computer] screens this season.

    NOTE: The filmmaker would like to extend his gratitude to the late
    William S Burroughs for his kind written permission to use his scathing audio
    material for the soundtrack.

    S Brent Hayward Films

    ***Johnny Barcode loves facebook***
    He has another page that was recently disarmed by pesky freedom fighters.
    Submit to Johnny Barcode and his army of masked militia here:

  • smoking spirit

    Experience homelessness
    My experience with being homeless has been an eye opener- I never
    thought it would happen to me, but if it could happen to me it could
    happen to you, it could happen to anyone- eventually – let me tell you
    what to expect , first off the sanitary condition of living on the
    streets is horrendous for some reason Americans must have a fear of
    urinals, toilets and sinks that they keep them locked up in waste
    closets or require the poor to buy something to use them or urinate in
    the nearest door way and possibly get arrested for indecent exposure
    or some other sex crime. Get ready to give up all privacy and dignity,
    although our forefathers built elaborate bath houses and free opera
    seats for the poor not in today’s society homelessness is a multi
    billion dollar business. And although there are some good people
    working within the system to help the homeless the system is badly
    broke and overwhelmed – get ready to stand in long lines all day long
    for day old food or for a shelter to spend the night In of course with
    fifty other men on a matt in one large room and with curfew is the
    best you could expect . For the homeless to accomplish one simple task
    in a day is a big accomplishment. what would normally take someone an
    hour at the most now can take all day. This system is so badly broke
    that I have to wonder if the hidden agenda is to feed the prison
    empire force the people into prison labor if they refuse to work for
    minimum wage or slave labor moving the homeless on from one spot to
    another and other physiological warfare that most homeless end up
    cracking and or becoming a medical experiment denying the homeless any
    type of security not allowing them to put up tents or use any Porta
    potties and with no place to store your stuff its either stolen while
    asleep or taken from the street cleaners so the homeless go out and
    steel anything that rolls our forefathers at least could have a mule
    or a horse to move their stuff; it seem the whole system is to make
    criminals out of the people where they can spend $ 30,000 a year to
    keep them locked away TOO many times I have seen people running out of
    stores into moving traffic to try to steal some food. Too many times I
    have seen desperate people take desperate action when only a few
    dollars would’ve kept the poor happy. let me tell you what my typical
    day is I get to sleep in the subway about 1:AM where noises -beeping -
    street cleaners and drunks are all ways present, I am awaken at 4:AM
    and moved on where I try to find a dry semi warm place to crash then
    again I am awaken at 6:AM forced to keep moving, no sitting or laying
    as my resumes and job search go out to a black hole looking for work
    becomes less and less important- I spend my day SPANGING (begging for
    SPAre chanNGE ) when I get enough money I can travel for hours,
    walking LUGGING MY STUFF around to get to a place where I can take a
    shower for 15 minuets that runs from hot to cold water of course going
    through a security that tears your bag apart while all the people
    stand around looking at everything you have ( tighter than airport
    security) either that or join some right wing religious organization
    who is going to save my soul, the American idea of self reliance and
    independence are put to shamble as you are forced to become more and
    more reliant on a system that doest work and forced to associate and
    stand in long lines with those who lack any education except how to
    fight or what the latest big Drama going on between bums yes some of
    these people are crazy, lazy, criminals or ex criminals , some are
    heavy drug users some are really good people but if the medical
    monopoly cant cure them why should the state criminalize them its so
    sad to see good people who are 60-90% fine most of the time but then
    have a terrible addiction and instead of the state caring they
    criminalize us and work to make criminals out of us for even asking
    for change which only causes more and more crime and violence but I
    see more are just decent people who’ve played by the rules all their
    life only to have the system steal it all, the middle class is under
    attack and the poor have been under attack a long time in my opion
    there are a few things they could do before they come after you
    1. Let the people put up tents in vacant lots- some of these people
    will never could never fit any other way
    2. Put a tax on vacant property that doubles every year that way they
    would lower their prices or pay the tax
    3. Supply these addicts with compassionate care if the gangs can keep
    drug illegal they can profit – take the profit out and you will end
    the huge addiction problem or keep watching more and more people fall
    victim as they take away his will( the only thing that can stop the
    drug problem is education and freedom of choice)
    4. If schools cant teach peace and tolerance then close them, the key
    to a Strong democracy is liberty and tolerance (Ben Franklin)
    5. Get these high risk people who might want to commit a crime and PAY
    FOR PROGRESS pay them for being good citizens its a hell of a lot
    cheaper than incarcerating them and read more in the books ABOUT

    Arrest the Homeless
    smokingspirit | 17 October, 2011 22:44
    Arrest the Homeless
    Arrest the homeless they do cry; Complete the economic genocide. From sea to shinning sea, there is no place for him to pea. Arrest him for vagrancy, arrest him for loitering, but just insure there is no tolerance. No shelter from rain, no shower to wash away the pain. Arrest these crazy, lazy men how they do offend. Take the tax dollar they gladly spend to lock these people in a pen. Thirty thousand dollars they will spend to fill them with fear and bring to tears. No place to call home left only to Rome . Arrest the homeless they do cry for you can see it in their eyes. No food, no job and now a criminal record
    the probation officer won’t get the message. Not a tee-pee or a tent shall be lent for that’s not what their God meant. They teach them in jail how to fail and fear, fill them with violence and demand their silence. Arrest the homeless where they stand, for the drug war is at hand, They will not stand to share this land.
    Arrest the homeless they must cease even if a man of peace.
    They don’t pray in our church but play in the dirt. Look
    she has no skirt!
    It the moral thing to do, to keep them to our rule.
    The goodness of nature and Gods natural goodness must be denied, for these they criminalize.
    Arrest the homeless for they must; for it’s only in their god they trust.
    Arrest the homeless till he dies, for it’s only a paycheck away from you or I.

  • http://www.facebook.com/collectivist Bud Collectivist

    Forming; Collectivist Commonwealth,
    Social Communal Maintenance of the Corporate Person(s);
    - [
    NY Not-For-Profit C-Corporation Maintenance Expence ] -
    Livelihood from
    Mutual Aid Sharing of Our Volunteer Membership Creations for External Marketing

    – Emphasis for the ” Logistics Civilian
    Augmentation Program “.

    Provision of an Equitable Democratic
    Livelihood, For our Beneficiary/Volunteer Members,

    is Run thru Duty of Our Members, –
    Simultaneously Thru Delegates, and Referendum.

    Bud, Incorporator, Director of the


  • Citizen’s Media

    BREAKING “N”: WHO KILLED “N”? OBAMA (R-1%-CHI)! – Monitoring of AP Phones a “Terrifying” Step in State Assault on Press Freedom – After Ríos Montt Verdict, Time for U.S. to Account for Its Role in Guatemalan Genocide – Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Hails Genocide Conviction of Ex-Guatemalan Dictator Ríos Montt – More Obama’s (R-1%-CHI) ‘embedded form of racial preferments!’

    Chris Hedges: Monitoring of AP Phones a “Terrifying” Step in State Assault on Press Freedom

    Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Hails Genocide Conviction of Ex-Guatemalan Dictator Ríos Montt

    Allan Nairn: After Ríos Montt Verdict, Time for U.S. to Account for Its Role in Guatemalan Genocide

    - Mistaken Benghazi claim came from CIA, emails show

    - Benghazi furor won’t keep Susan Rice out of the White House, Obama’s (R-1%-CHI) ‘embedded form Of racial preferment!’

    - Dr. Anne Hendershott, a devout Catholic and a noted sociologist, professor and author, Claims IRS Audited Her After Speaking Out Against Obama and Demanded to Know Who Was Paying Her

    - Q & A: Your one-stop guide to the IRS tea-party ‘scandal’ [video chat]

    - GOP Rep. ‘Not Willing’ to Take Obama Impeachment Off The Table

    - Holder Defends Monitoring of AP Phone Records

    Holder Defends Monitoring of AP Phone Records

    Faith – Dr. Anne Hendershott, a devout Catholic and a noted sociologist, professor and author, Claims IRS Audited Her After Speaking Out Against Obama and Demanded to Know Who Was Paying Her

    Q & A: Your one-stop guide to the IRS tea-party ‘scandal’ [video chat]

    - Mistaken Benghazi claim came from CIA, emails show

    - Benghazi furor won’t keep Susan Rice out of the White House, Obama’s (R-1%-CHI) ‘embedded form Of racial preferment!’

    Mistaken Benghazi claim came from CIA, emails show

    White House emails show confusion and intense negotiations among CIA and other agencies after the attack in Benghazi, Libya.

    Benghazi furor won’t keep Susan Rice out of the White House, ‘embedded form Of racial preferment!’

    GOP Rep. ‘Not Willing’ to Take Obama Impeachment Off The Table

  • negations

    Dear Occupied Wall Street Journal, this is an amusing name and right minded concept. What caused you to stop publishing? Did you run out of money? It is disheartening to see Occupy projects frozen and considering that Occupy is getting some swagger back (along with other anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian movements) you should probably update. We love you, please come back.

  • Melisa

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  • Daniel Hearn

    There is a very good book out recently “What Went Wrong” by George R Tyler. It is about 460 pages, but it is a valuable analysis of what happened to the American middle class and working class since 1980. The number of information sources runs into the thousands from around the World. What makes it even more interesting is that it compares American Shareholder Capitalism driven by Ayn Rand acolytes to Northern European Stakehold Capitalism that values the employees, community, shareholders and input from the government. What is being done in Northern Europe is far more ‘liberal’ than my experience in the US dating back to the early 1970′s. Liberal, but immensely pragmatic family capitalism. Everything from minimum wages, to work councils, to employees on the board of directors, to labor practices that include upskilling of the unemployed, things that are at best given lip service here is being done there with gusto and if anything it has improved profits for those companies. Old fashioned notions like pensions, generous holidays, employer investment in their employees and employee loyalty to employers, amazing stuff and it works. Also a short synopsis of greedy Walmarts short stint in Germany, where their robber baron attitude toward labor resulted in boycotts and an abrupt departure with $5 billion in losses.
    Don’t believe the Euro-Bashers, the Koch Brother apologists. The reason for the anti-European brainwashing is extremely self serving to our ‘massah’ class.

    • Nanook


      Excellent message. You might also take a look at my book LIARS! ( http://a3society.org/books
      ) .
      Based on extensive research, I carry the explanation for the collapse we
      are seeing to SERIOUS flaws in human language and psychology. I say serious because, if humanity doesn’t
      recognize these flaws and find ways to fix them, the outcome looks seriously

      But more to your point, during my research, I discovered a new
      structure for DEMOCRACY, which solves all the known problems in how we
      currently implement it. You can read a lot about this on my site.

  • George Fordham

    I really like the group of people that support Occupy’s agenda; however, a movement should be much broader than one event. To make this a viable movement and to facilitate growth, you really need to have a political identity other than Occupy. Nice but, guys, this won’t get off campus.

  • Wawin

    Its not a secret that the world is ruled by money, ambition, political plots and silent conspiracies. One hundred years ago, protesting against this state of affairs would have been a meaningless and utopian idea. In this high-tech era, mankind is able to radically change the criminal world order, where the future of the world is is pushed to the back, and in its place the enrichment of a select few individuals and countries stands. The only things we need to complete our goal are consolidation, belief in the end result, and for people to understand the enormity and significance of this project. .

    I have the solutions for you & me so we can all remove money scarcity and start grow wealth for everyone using basic principle you can read in my blog http://duajuta.com please review my E-Rupiah Project , i have explained all thing need to build the mobile software infrastructure that need the goal of e-rupiah project is to remove money scarcity in the society


    Please Review My Project

    Best Regard

    Wawin Fauzani

  • wkseller

    There is a new grassroots movement called the “Real True Americans”. If you look at website realtrueamericans.org you will see the Founder has a great plan change the Status Quo (the laws) by forcing congress to change or be removed peacefully. It is about time! This site has similar core values of Occupy movement but has a leader and more to come.

  • Thom Prentice


    The Ukrainian Anschluss and the coup pending in Venezuela
    mean that the time has suddenly arrived to use the term “FASCIST” by left,
    oppositional, alternative, dissident, democratic media and writers – not as
    epithets but as DESCRIPTIONS – DEFINITIONS – “rebranding” – to use a marketing
    term, but “rebranding for accuracy”.

    Moreover, there was NO “Reagan Revolution”. There was NO “Reagan/Thatcher Revolution”.

    However, there WAS a “Reagan COUNTERREVOLUTION” and a “REAGAN/THATCHER
    COUNTERREVOLUTION” against the New Deal, Great Society and the Atlee

    Until we start “rebranding for accuracy and TRUTH”, oppositional,
    alternative, dissident, democratic, anti-fascist media and writers do NOT stand
    a chance of building perception let alone consciousness and if we can’t do
    that, forget about organizing.

    Finally, it seems important for the word “capitalism” or
    “capitalist” to be liberally sprinkled through EVERY piece of writing to raise
    consciousness that the current economic system is not a force of nature like
    gravity, continental drift or the Higgs boson.
    If the term “Neo-Liberal” is used, it MUST be as an ADJECTIVE modifying
    “CAPITALISM” to avoid distracting and confusing people and PRERABLY DEFINED.

    Note should be taken that completion of “Capitalism 101” let
    alone “Critical Capitalism 101” is NOT a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION or COLLEGE

    Here are examples of my recent, quick adaptation to use of
    the term “FASCIST” based on the Ukrainian and Venezuelan CounterRevolutions
    from DemocracyWeb.com. I recently read
    that part of the post-WWII Red Scare was inquisition of “PREMATURE
    ANTI-FASCISTS” from the teens and twenties, and if that comes around again, I
    want to be first in line.

    Thom Prentice

    Dallas, Texas


    Ukraine Fascists Rushes to Shift Power and Mend Rifts in
    Historic Anschluss — newyorktimes


    BREAKING! Fascists, EU/IMF Take Control of Ukraine as
    Corrupt, now Impeached President Flees — UK Guardian [Venezuela is Next!]


    Violent Protests in Venezuela Against the Democratically
    Elected Government Fit a Pattern [Fascist] — TruthOut


    Soon, the Battle for Venezuela / Open Letter to President of
    Venezuela — CounterPunch


    Obama the Ukrainian Avatar: Sinister Illusions / Masking
    Tragedy in Ukraine — CounterPunch


    Bush/Cheney Regime Change Policy Continued by Obama: Ukraine
    Protests a CIA/EU/State Department Plot — nyt


    The Coup Last Time: Venezuela and the Imperial Script, 2004
    Edition — CounterPunch


  • Montané

    “Speculation in the 17th century was a crime. Speculators were hanged” (Chris Hedges) : quelles sont vos références ? Merci !